Lex Shares a Message of Unity With Her Encouraging Single “We’ll Be Alright”

From Sacramento to New York City, singer/songwriter and producer Lex gives us a track of faith with her recent single “We’ll Be Alright”. Writing music since the mere age of 14, she’s found influences from a variety of genres only to find her niche in writing emotionally-rich music coming straight from the heart. Her recent single “We’ll Be Alright” does exactly that and more. By writing from a place that we can all relate to during this time, her upbeat electro-pop sound and harmonic vocals provide a message of seeing light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Kicking off with plucky and exciting synths, giving “We’ll Be Alright” a feel-good pop atmosphere right from the jump. With Lex’s subtly filtered vocals giving the song depth and creating a sense of space that supports the tracks main message, she portrays real-life imagery with grace and elegance. As the underlying production on “We’ll Be Alright” takes us through a mesmerizing electronic experience, Lex stands at the forefront giving the track an introspective edge. Not to mention her engaging and relatable lyrics like; “Can’t wait to get back to the life I had, but for now, I'm doing my best to live the life I have”. It’s evident that Lex is making the most of this isolating time, and doing so by letting her listeners know that we’ll be alright.

Be sure to listen to "We'll Be Alright" here.