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Lil Dane Lyrically Kills It In “I Go For Mine”

Lil Dane might be the next rising hip-hop artist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He’s graced multiple stages from Louisiana all the way to New York. He scored an audition to be featured on Fox's #1 hit TV show Empire. Also, he’s been featured on blogs such as Hip Hop Weekly, Hot 97.5 Who's Next and This is 50. In 2017, he was featured in XXL Magazine "Under Artist to Watch."

You can tell Lil Dane is impressing the people! So we wondered, what’s the hype surrounding this rapper? Once we took a listen to the release of his single titled “I Go For Mine” I instantly knew why he was creating everlasting waves in the music industry. The lyrical substance were strong, evoking thought-provoking thoughts while listening to the song. Closing your eyes, and studying the arrangement of the lyrics in this song created a more deeper connection for me personally. It reminded me of conscious rap, with insightful meanings provided for us, yet maintaining a good balance between lyrical and energy. For me, this made “I Go For Mine” more of a hit song. This finely tuned song was a representation of how more and more rappers nowadays are bringing back the feel-good vibe in the rap music that was once lost. Lil Dane is warranting his place in today’s current rap industry perfectly and we’re excited to see what else he will be bringing to the table for our listeners.

Listen to “I Go For Mine” here and get to know more about Lil Dane below!

Hey Lil Dane! How was it growing up in Louisiana?

How were you influenced by your environment? growing up in louisiana being from a place where it’s hardly any opportunities was rough but you had to really put in work get out there and grind to achieve what u want . the way i was influenced by my environment by observing watching people struggle watching people give up on there dreams losing hope

Who are some of your musical inspirations and why?

I’m say jayz because i like how he discipline his self as a musical artist and most important as a business man

In what ways were you able to personally relate to “I Go For Mine” ?

i go for mine is a record basically I’m saying whatever i Dey my mind I’m going for it i strive for greatness i won’t stop . Everyday i wake up I’m going for something not just with me but everybody should feel the same when they wake up in the morning they feel they need to get something accomplish

What’s next for you Lil Dane?

I just release my new ep greatness available now June 29 I’m be in jackson mississippi for the rel carter tour jayz nephew performing my single i go for mine


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