Lil Djent Creates a Vision With Their Storytelling Lyrics

If you thought Lil Djent wasn’t going to take over 2019 then you were completely wrong! Lil Djent released an impressive tracklist of records and each song is building their career. “All Around Is Love” was one song that stood out to us at BuzzMusic. Not only did Lil Djent create a melodic masterpiece with complex instrumentation and a contagious hook, but they also delivered us a music video as well to complement the stellar audio. Lil Djent showed us that they are what the music industry needs and we were quick to believe them with the exhilarating music that they create.

Lil Djent shows us that hard work, careful planning, and progressive storytelling through songwriting will create a magical result. Their music is not only refined, but it’s refreshing with new elements found in each layer of their songs. Lil Djent absorbs their listeners through their striking sounds and mesmerizing lyricism. Lil Djent's way with words, paints a vivid picture to the listener, exploring the imaginative aspect of our personalities! Their personality radiates through their music, giving you an authentic sense of who Lil Djent are as individuals! We can surely guarantee you that Lil Djent is on their way to huge success.

Listen to Lil Djent here.

Hello Lil Djent and welcome back to BuzzMusic! Tell us, what have you been up to in 2019?

2019 been a year of traveling and transitions for us.  Our vocalist, composer and lyricist Shruti Mutalik, was living in Washington, DC, and our producer and multi-instrumentalist  Andres Gallo was living in NYC, and both of us were traveling a lot. We made a lot of music on weekends, on the go, while commuting and traveling. We released three singles this year as Lil Djent,  have one single in post-production right now and two more that are in the making. We also released a music video for one of our songs. The good news is, we are now in the same location- NYC- which makes making music together much easier!

Can you tell us the meaning behind your song "Everything is wonderful"?

“Everything is wonderful” is a song that initially started with our vocalist’s playful attempt at horror, in response to the initial tension and suspense of the opening riff.  The first verse is meant to be playful, in a horror theme sort of way. Anyways, the song does become more distorted and chaotic in its sound as it progresses. So I guess one could say it switches perspective from someone in control of pleasure and pain to someone out of control who is holding on for dear life. We wanted a song that left one with a sense of the eerie, the dark, while still being tongue in cheek in parts. In the end, the song basically tries to depict life and death, pleasure and pain.

How do you feel your music has progressed this year?

Our music has evolved from the progressive rock and heavy metal of our previous projects to a more electronic and experimental sound in Lil Djent. We are happy to have completed and released three singles as Lil Djent this year!

What was the most challenging aspect around creating "Everything is wonderful"?

The most challenging aspect around creating “Everything is wonderful” was that our team was based out of different cities, and we were traveling a lot for work, so our time to create music was limited, and we weren’t always in the studio. However, technology rocks, and we were able to compose and create on the go!

What would you like your new fans to know about you Lil Djent?

We would like our fans to know that we love creating interesting and novel sounds, and love playing with melody, beat, and theme.  We love experimenting with new sounds, while trying to create something exciting for our fans.  And interestingly enough, we actually had some listeners who listened to our music expecting djent metal. We will aim to incorporate some of that too, which was after all what our previous project was about. Just have to figure out how to keep it accessible, without losing the essence of this project.

As 2019 has been a busy year musically for you, what can we expect from you in 2020?

In 2020, we will release more singles followed by a complete album! We are very excited about this.