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Lindsay Kaye and Nondoh Team Up On New Single, "Lucid Dreams"

Chasing her dreams from Virginia to Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress Lindsay Kaye has something to say. Recently releasing teaming up with Nondoh on their ominous and introspective single, "Lucid Dreams," they explore the world of fantasy while showering us with sultry and vulnerable lyricism.

Performing since the age of five, Lindsay Kaye feels the most alive when under the heat and glimmer of the sweet spotlight. At first, when speaking upon her songwriting, Kaye found it challenging to open up and be vulnerable with her lyricism, which now makes her feel nothing but empowered to convey her message of truth.

Doing so with their recent single, "Lucid Dreams," Lindsay Kaye mentioned that the single explores a dream-like state where the protagonist is aware of their control and power. With the heavily introspective and rather sensual lyricism she delivers, Lindsay Kaye powers through with incredible emotion that fuels the song's fire.

Listening to Lindsay Kaye and Nondoh's latest single, "Lucid Dreams," the song opens with a mysterious and ominous atmosphere through the airy drum kicks and soft background pads. As Kaye begins describing what is clearly a dream, she then remembers that she's the main character and is entirely in control of this reality.

Moving into the chorus, we get a sharp instrumental breakdown that delivers a warm R&B/Pop sound through the groovy electric guitar, modern drum breaks, and shimmering background synths. We highly admire the song's anticipatory feel as we cannot predict or foretell what Nondoh will bring next.

Reaching the end of the single, "Lucid Dreams," we're more than appreciative of such a conceptual, emotional, and sensual song that takes us into the abyss of our dreams. Don't miss out on Lindsay Kaye and Nondoh's powerful performance on "Lucid Dreams," found on all streaming platforms.

We genuinely appreciate the ominous tones and emotional lyricism within your single, "Lucid Dreams." What inspired you to write this piece?

I'm often inspired by dreams. In this case, I have experienced many lucid dreams where I realized I was dreaming and could change the outcome of my dream. Often this occurred when I was having a nightmare and I discovered through lucid dreaming I could escape the nightmare as I was in full control of my dreaming.

Since you've become more familiar with vulnerable and emotional songwriting, what was your songwriting process like for "Lucid Dreams"? What story did you want to share with your listeners?

I wanted others who have experienced lucid dreaming to connect with the lyrics. I think everyone has moments in dreams where they feel like they can't call out for help, or escape, and it's usually an experience that at the time, can be very emotional.

Why did you choose to offer such mysterious and ominous sonic elements within your single "Lucid Dreams," and what was that creative process like?

I chose to use lots of synths with the highs cut out along with some reverb to give it a really dreamy feel throughout to really match the mood of the song

What would you like your listeners to take away from "Lucid Dreams"?

That they are not alone in their darkest of dreams or darkest of thoughts. Additionally, how the idea of controlling your dreams transfers over to life. I want my listeners to realize the power and control they have over their life.

Now that you have three released singles under your belt, should we expect an EP or full-length album in the near future?

My goal is to release four more singles this year.



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