Listen Now: Reefah Talks New Single "Soft Like Wata"

Hello Reefah! It's awesome we got a chance to feature your latest music here on BuzzMusic! How has the curation process been lately for you and your music?

First off I'd like to say Thank you BuzzMusic once again for this opportunity to share my music on your platform it's truly a blessing. Being that I still work a full-time job I have to organize my time and use it efficiently. Music and Ideas are always flowing through me constantly so it's always important for me to record or write down any rough ideas I have on my phone so I can work on them at a more appropriate time. Some songs take weeks or even months to write where some songs are created and written in a few hours. As a songwriter, I've learned to not rush any of my songs and let them come naturally and from the heart.

"Soft Like Wata" is definitely a track that will catch any listeners attention! What kind of elements do you believe are integral to the production of your music that makes it memorable?

Being that I am Canadian born I still feel my music has the cultural elements that let's the listeners know that I still have a connection to my roots and culture. I've been told on many occasions that although I'm Canadian l speak with a slight accent that gives people the impression that I was born elsewhere. I also believe that because my music is produced in Jamaica with many experienced musical individuals who understood my music and my message it was easy for them when we collaborated and things flowed naturally.

We heard that the instrumental for the track was both recorded and produced at Tuff Gong Studios! How was the experience of recording your music in that particular studio?

From the very beginning of my musical journey Tuff Gong has been that place where in the beginning I could only dream of going to, but as time progressed it became a place I wanted to work to get to. To finally be there I couldn't help to think about where all those long days and nights by myself have taken me. It's one of those reassuring moments in life where you know believing in yourself and working hard can take you anywhere you dream of going. It was an honor and a privilege to work there and to walk where some of the greatest Legends in Reggae music have walked. The experience was unreal at times and it just made me want to work even harder.

What was the main inspiratory element that made you create "Soft Like Wata"?

Simply Love. Or the idea of 2 people who have strong feelings for each other and want to take their relationship to another level. The idea of 2 people loving each other and being there for each other and creating something special together. For some its difficult and I understand that. I just wanted to write a nice genuine love song that wasn't provocative or too "lovey dovey" as some might say. A song that even a single person would like because that's the kind of love they hope to have one day.

Can you tell us more about how live performances are for you? What kind of energy is surging in your audience while you're on stage?

I have yet to perform live on stage but that is definitely something you will be seeing sometime in the near future. My main priority has always been to create a catalog of songs before I even think about performing on stage. Things are manifesting as the reader reads this article. I believe everything happens in its rightful place and time. I look forward to being able to connect with an audience and the people who support my music and people who may have never even heard me before.

A little birdy told us that you're planning on curating another album in the near future. When can we expect some new releases from you?!

I have recently finished writing my next album but I'm not in any rush to release anything for the rest of the year. As a new artist I've learned to understand that my music will take a little more time to reach a larger audience so therefore I still have to continue to promote the music I've created so far. Any new music will be released sometime in the new year. I plan on going back to Jamaica to record my album. My team and I have been working on the music and I can honestly say the next album will sound different from my last album. You might possibly see a few singles released within that time. I'll definitely keep you posted.


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