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Listeners Get a Reality Check with Josh Singh's "Back to Reality Remix"

London based Electro-Pop singer extraordinaire Josh Singh has been taking his time to elevate his skills by learning various crafts in the music industry. With conquering great feats such as his debut EP, 'Sunrise,' which is entirely written and produced by his own self, he has been receiving an intense increase of positive response from listeners all over the world.

Josh Singh carries a love for Pop music showered with sugary melodies that complement his deep vocal tones that remains apparent throughout his growing catalog of music. Since the pandemic of 2020, Josh Singh has been working on the collected works of his long-awaited sophomore EP, which is set to showcase a darker, more complete side, opposite of the warm, endearing energy that the debut exudes. "Back to Reality" is the first step into creating a moodier, electronic sound, and the new remix solidifies that sound.

"Back to Reality Remix" instantly starts with the prevailing and futuristic elements of Electronic synths powering through the speakers at full blast. Dancing with the light and glimmering sounds that tiptoe in the instrumentation, you have a well-rounded complement of high and low frequencies that give this composition the entire package. Josh Singh has a prominent desire in the execution of his wavy and reverberated vocals. The effortless manner in which Josh Singh allows listeners to transport to a chilling utopia where you feel numerous emotions is quite striking as we hang onto every carefully crafted word he recites.

Exporting a message through this sonic voyage, Josh Singh vocalizes his expressions on coming back to reality at even the darkest of times. Focusing on the here and now, we are reminded as listeners to zone in on the moments that we hold in front of us as it can be extremely effortless in this day and age to let your mind travel and have them slip through your hands. The spacious gaps between the lyrics and the composition allow for the words to sit in your headspace just a little longer as you take in all that is Josh Singh. As he continues to make his mark on the music industry, we look forward to the eclectic creations that Josh Singh continues to pour his heart into.

Congratulations on the release of the “Back to Reality Remix.” This remix oozes flavors from far and wide simmering in the realm of Electro-Pop! What inspired you to make this remix?

Thank you! I've always loved the concept of reworking something and making it entirely new. I wanted to breathe new life into a song that I love and give people another chance to discover it.

How is your creative process different when creating a remix versus a piece of work completely from scratch?

I really enjoy making remixes a completely new song of its own, so I try to break up the structure more. I try to keep similar elements that were part of the original but add in new sounds. It's like a playground for me.

What was the studio session like when recording the “Back to Reality Remix?”

Very different - I was actually sat in my living room during a national lockdown for days on end!

Is this song a reflection of what we can expect from your sophomore EP?

Definitely, the original served as a bridge between the first EP and this next one. 'Sunrise' was a really positive, uplifting body of work. This time around I want to show more edge and make people feel more badass and confident. This remix hopefully pushes people further into those feelings!

What can listeners anticipate next from you?

The new EP will definitely be out in 2021, we're aiming for Spring. Hopefully a show or two... if we're allowed! I'm also appearing on a podcast in the New Year which I'm very excited about!! Oh and 100% more remixes.




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