Livvy K Kicks Off Summer With Her Latest Single “Closer”

Artist and creator Livvy K graces BuzzMusic once again, this time highlighting her latest hot dance track “Closer.” Being halfway through an incredibly successful UK school tour and putting it to a halt due to the world’s condition, Livvy K has constantly been creating, performing from her living room and anticipating to reunite with her loved ones. Ironically releasing her latest single “Closer” at a time when we’re separated, Livvy K explained that the track is nothing short of a summer bop getting us ready to live freely again. A lively dance track pushing the boundaries of pop, house music, and two-step garage, we’re really feeling her UK influences with this piece.

Opening with sweet keyboard melodies and an intriguing ghost vocal, “Closer” swiftly moves into an exhilarating two-step dance beat and gets our toes tapping. Livvy K’s vocals are genuinely the perfect kind of sound you’d like to hear over a vibrant electronic song. She naturally sings with poise and flawlessly vocalizes those warm summer nights full of passion and getting “Closer” to someone. The production slowly switches up after the hook with deep synths that touch on the liveliness of house music, and carry the song to different sonic depths. A track with passion, energy, and rhythm, Livvy K’s “Closer” serves all the vibes we need to get our summer started.

Listen to "Closer" here.


Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Livvy K! We’re really getting down with your warm summer single “Closer”. Did you have the track completed prior to the pandemic, or was “Closer” the outcome of distance?

Hey! So glad you guys are loving the new single. So ‘Closer’ was actually a song I recorded before lockdown when I was over in Denver Colorado with two really good friend of mine Soli Ridge and John Gillette. We all worked together to create the new single and we felt like right now would be the best time to release it, due to the world's current situation, this song definitely hits all the right feels and is guaranteed to get us all ready for summer and looking forward to reuniting with the people we love, after what has been a crazy year.

Your single “Closer” seems to touch on the energy of dance music and a two-step garage through the dynamic production. What inspired Livvy K to release a song that pushes the limits of pop with hi-fi electronic?

That’s right, ‘Closer’ is a mix of Pop, Dance, and Two-Step Garage. What inspired me was my love for these genres of music. Since I was little I have listened to a LOT of music, my mum loves pop and my dad loves house. So without realizing, over time I have definitely developed my ear in a way that understands the genres and how to create similar style music. 

We’ve heard that Livvy K was one of the headliners for a UK school tour that raised awareness for mental health in young people. What pulled you into this compassionate role, and how do you keep your music on brand with what you represent?

Starting in January 2020 and until lockdown happened in March this year, I was halfway through my UK school tour We’re I performed in front of thousands of school children, whilst at the same time raising awareness of mental health in young people. I had a discussion about mental health, drugs, and a healthy lifestyle and performed covers and some original songs too, which went down really well. The tour aimed to raise awareness through the music of the struggles facing young people in communities across the UK and provided signposting for those needing help. After personally being affected by mental health this is a subject I feel very strongly about and that I think definitely needs to be taught more in schools, which is why when I was given the opportunity to not only perform but share my experiences and try and help spread awareness in the schools, I was absolutely over the moon!

We’ve seen Livvy K come and go from BuzzMusic with many different industry ventures and notable experiences. How has this experience of distance impacted Livvy K as an artist and how you create?

If I’m honest, it’s been nice to have a little break from the stresses of life and with being so busy recently, it’s been great to spend some quality time with my family and my dogs and just focus on perfecting my craft and creating more music. But I am desperate to get back to my normal schedule and start performing to an actual crowd again, once we are allowed back the festivals, gigs and shows are gonna be so crazy, I cannot wait!

What will you be working on next Livvy? Well during lockdown I have been creating a lot, so I have some new projects I’m working on right now that I’m really excited to show you all very soon. In the meantime, I will be continuing to work hard and will be looking to set up some performances once we get the go-ahead! I just wanna say a huge thanks to everyone for all the love and support on my newest single, it means the world!