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Lola Vain Has Audiences Lively With New Hit “Im Alive”

Lola Vain is a new rock band from Phoenix, Arizona, composed mainly of 2 friends (a vocalist and guitarist) with various musicians on each song. These two friends, Scott and Brian, have created a new light-hearted killer rock song with a unique sound, “Im Alive.”

Lola Vain is composed of Scott Hammons, the vocalist, and Brian Buzard shredding on guitar. The band emerged as Scott approached Brian to help produce a song. The first song they created was “Im Alive,” and their creative sessions resulted in three songs capturing a nostalgic, big rock feel. Hammons, currently residing in Nashville, TN., and Buzard realized they had created something beautiful here, and rock band LolaVain had come to life.

“It’s a song about the power of attraction and never underestimating a person based on appearances,” says Brian. “You think you know someone, but you have no idea. It’s also about having a good time with your crazy friends. We were trying to keep the mood light since we have all been through so much over the last couple of years.”

“I'm Alive” is an excellent example of a rock song with great vocals and guitar riffs. The music starts with a simple guitar riff that is soon joined by the powerful vocals of Hammons. The song then builds in intensity as the guitar riffs become more complex and the lyrics become more passionate. The overall sound of “Im Alive” is powerful and energetic, making it a great example of a classic rock song.

This track has that feel-good and powerful energy, mixed with raw lyrics for an intense feel and a fun rocking time. Definitely a song you could imagine being played at a smokey dive bar with the sound of billiards in the background. I mean that in the best way possible.

You can expect more new music in the months to come, and look out for Lola Vain at a venue near you. Listen to “Im Alive,” available on all streaming platforms now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lola Vain, and congratulations on your latest release, "I'm Alive." What was the most rewarding part about creating "Im Alive?" What did you appreciate most about making the single?

Honestly, I think the partnership that developed between Scott and I. We knew each other from other bands, and we had talked about working together, but you know how those things usually go, right? Other commitments get in the way, and to top it off, Scott lives 1600 miles away from me. So it wasn’t exactly easy to get together. But thanks to technology, we were able to share ideas back and forth, and then Scott flew into Phoenix a couple of times to cut vocals at my studio—and that’s when it started to get real. I’m used to writing alone, and to be honest—it took me a while to let go and let the creative process be what it is—and give up some control. I had to get the fuck out of my own way. I’m really glad I did—the result speaks for itself.

What impact do you hope "Im Alive" has on your audience?

We want to make people dance—that’s it. To bring people together—to enjoy the moment. It’s okay to have fun and let go. The initial response has been overwhelmingly great—so on some level, it feels like we made a connection to the world.

What does "Im Alive" mean to you? How can listeners better understand you and your music through this emotional debut?

The single “I’m Alive” pays homage to some of our musical influences—AC/DC, KISS—too many to list. We wrote this song smack dab in the middle of the Pandemic—and we were crawling out of our skin personally and creatively. Isolation can be a powerful, creative force. We kept asking ourselves, “Is this the right time to release a song about having fun?” “Is it too soon?” We felt the time was perfect to say, “Here we are, here’s what we’ve got—hope you love it!”

How did you want the production and sonics in "Im Alive" to make listeners feel?

Scott first approached me with a solid verse and chorus idea, and we worked out the arrangement over a few weeks. We wanted to grab attention right out of the gate. That opening riff was written shortly after we had started initial tracking in the studio. I’ve always loved playing rhythm on guitar more than soloing. I love big, giant guitar riffs. I was noodling around, and I locked on that opening riff—and Scott looked at me, and we started laughing because it’s so obnoxious and filthy sounding. So we kept it—because what the world needs now more than ever is nasty guitar riffs. They unite us all!

What can we anticipate hearing next from you?

The second single is done, and we are preparing to shoot the video. I think it’s going to surprise everybody. It is different from “I’m Alive”—but still very rock and roll. It will feature some very cool guest musicians as well. We are really looking forward to the reaction.


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