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Lone Wild Gives Us "The Dirties" with Their Intoxicating New Release

Coming in hot from Nashville, Tennessee, the alternative rock band Lone Wild unleashes their inner beast with a stimulating new single entitled "The Dirties."

After the release of their debut record, Lone Wild was able to land various sync placements in commercials for Carvana, Amazon, and TV shows like the HBOMax original series 'Made For Love.' Having moved to Nashville during the pandemic in the middle of the election year, Lone Wild left their stressors behind and did what they do best, listen and escape to write music.

Now releasing their spicy and sultry single "The Dirties," Lone Wild merges their hefty modern rock with 70s rock and elements of fiery 90s hip-hop. While the lead vocalist tackles themes of tough love and pushing through obstacles in a relationship, Lone Wild offers an electrifying performance to get us banging our heads and stomping our feet.

Diving into "The Dirties," the track kicks off with a distorted robotic screech that drops into Lone Wild's enthralling and stimulating performance. As soon as they drench us in their gritty and instrumentals gripping production, the song transforms into this powerhouse anthem that leaves us with enough heat to start a wildfire.

We can't get enough of the lead vocalist's sensual charisma as he soaks our speakers in the trials and tribulations of an unhealthy relationship, especially as he transitions from his powerful belt and back into his passionate and sensual delivery. As Lone Wild makes their way to the song's end, they close the track on a powerful and stimulating note that leaves us dripping in sweat.

Experience the exhilarating sounds of Lone Wild's heated single, "The Dirties," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Lone Wild. You've truly melted our speakers with your intense and powerful single, "The Dirties." What inspired your group to create this sultry and intense single?

So this song was probably the first song we all started to work on together. I had a melody and the majority of the song written as far as lyrics and everything went but this one was so interesting cause it evolved so much over the time we worked on it. I would say the source of our biggest inspiration for this one was the band Queen. Songs like Cool Cat, and Another One Bites The Dust all have such a vibe to them, and the bass line on AOBTD is so iconic. We also were channeling some 90’s hip-hop as well when it came to the vibe of the drums and how they sounded. Of course, in the end, this is an Alt/Rock band so we needed to make this one “bigger”.

What sort of tone or atmosphere did you want to capture with the instrumentals and sonics for "The Dirties?" How did you want to make the listener feel with the song's overall tone?

Well, the song is called “The Dirties” so we really wanted this one to be gritty and have some attitude. I think we also wanted to pay some homage to 70’s rock, so we made similar throwback choices while making things feel modern. 70’s rock is just great when you really dive into it, and the musicians REALLY played and worked hard - they didn’t just phone it in and hope for the best. So, with all the layers of vocals, guitars, bass, and drums - we chose to do things musically that hopefully transported listeners back to that time while taking the available recording technology to make it more in the now and modern. Extravagant is a word that stands out to me when I think back to the 70’s rock and roll, and that’s what I think we were trying to accomplish with this - to be a little extra and have fun.

Who wrote the song's spicy lyrical content for "The Dirties?" What message or concept did you want to get across with your lyrical content?

So, this is a cool story but I won’t bore you with the long version. I wrote it, and had a good portion of the lyrics written for different parts, but didn’t have certain lyrics in the chorus landed yet. Our friend Justin Streck, who owns the studio we ended up recording this song, had posted an Instagram story during a recording session that he was tracking drums for (a whole entirely different song). I messaged him something to the effect of, “bro…those sound dirty” to which he replied, “the dirties”…and he later corrected himself by saying “dirtiest*” but I kinda liked that thought of “The Dirties” — it all came from a typo, haha! It sort of had a lyrical appeal to me that I thought could fit with the lyrics I had already started for the song.

As I was writing it there were a lot of things going on personally and socially in the world. A lot of mud flinging, a lot of the whole media "he said/she said" garbage. In the end, the concept for me is about recognizing that in life we’re always going to encounter obstacles with the people we love most, and whether that’s a friendship, a romantic relationship, or a marriage - in order to stay united, each party sorta has to fight for it. The lyric, “You know that I love ya, you know that I need ya, so why do you walk away?” really stands out to me as a great example of that. Sometimes we need our space from the people that love us, but hopefully, we can choose to lay our weapons down so to speak, and set aside our differences long enough to work it out and move on.

Could you introduce us to your band members and how you went about crafting the instrumental and sonic arrangements for "The Dirties?" What was your band's creative process like?

The way we crafted this one was fun. We started it in on one of our home studios! At first, it was something very different that evolved when we stripped it all back and pieced things together by starting with a really simple drum groove - a more simple variation of what you hear now. From there we dropped in a bass line - AGAIN, very different than what happened later. So, after a couple of months of sending things back and forth, we had something pretty close to what you hear now. At the time, I was listening to a lot to Talking Heads so I went with a much ‘dryer’ vocal with fewer effects, and had some fun with stacking vocals and various other percussion and instruments to spice it up and accent the groove. Finally, after about a year and a half (while we were writing the other songs) we took this one into the studio along with the others to track the drums and the vocals. The trajectory was pretty steady up until the week we went to the studio. Probably went from like 40 mph to about 100mph where it was all hands on deck! In the aftermath of all that, a few weeks after us all being in the studio, Ben (bass) was with our producer at his studio when he came up with the bass part that is now on the recording. It changed the song so much for the better. In our minds it went from, “oh cool song” to “whoa, this is unique…” hah at least for us…it really made it what it is.

What's next for you?

At this point, we’re focused on getting “The Dirties” heard by as many people as possible while working on getting the rest of the songs done for our sophomore record! We have a bunch of great ones we’re still tryna make sense of and we’re really stoked to get them done and out there for everyone to hear. We really want to start playing some shows soon, but with covid starting to have an uptick again we’re playing things by ear all while looking into doing some live stream performances!



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