Lost God Is Killing The Rap Game With Heavy-Hitting Track "T-d Up"

Residing in San Diego, CA, Lost God is curating projects that send a heavy, hard-hitting trap vibe. We're living for the energy that surges off of Lost God in his tracks, and the type of aggressive, yet atmospheric ambiances he's able to create. Dealing with daily life struggles, Lost God attempts to reveal his truth and honesty throughout his tracks. Creating his own music, Lost God is able to pulsate his tracks with emotion. You can feel the raw and authentic tone in Lost God's musical offerings, and he sets out to inspire. Lost God is an artist that's here to spread his experiences and empathy with his listeners, and we're all for the type of work he's accomplishing successfully with his latest track "T-d Up". 

Being his most recent release off of his latest album "Lunar Star Gazing", Lost God is set out to impress his audience with his assertive execution in "T-d Up". "T-d Up " is intriguing in terms of production, and absolutely compelling on the lyrical side. You can truly feel all of Lost God's spirit and energy in his tracks, and " T-d Up" is nothing less! Lost God is strongly able to curate music that is honest to his own type of living, and we appreciate the message he's willing to share in order to inspire and aid in helping others heal from their own battles. Lost God shows us his true artistic side with the curation of "T-d Up", and genuinely the rest of his album "Lunar Star Gazing". We're definitely going to remember the aggressive, yet soft take Lost God has on his tracks, and we've already added his track " T-d Up" to our playlists for everyone to give a listen to! 

Discover "T-d Up" for yourself here, and keep scrolling for Lost God's exclusive interview!

Hey Lost God! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you introduce yourself as an artist to our BuzzMusic readers?

Hey it’s Lost God from Saint Louis,Missouri age 23 I love to watch anime and and play video games to escape from the pain of life traumatic experiences I had I found music very young in life and finally start using it to express my emotions and inner being!

How was the curation process of "T-d Up"? Did you find you had any mental blocks when writing the track?

When making this project I was in a overjoyed mood and with that energy I wanted to produce a song that resembles just that and I wanted it to be known both from the uptempo beat and the way I used my voice to carry within the beat I didn’t have any writers block on this one. 

We feel the pulsating energy in "T'd Up". What kind of atmosphere did you want to create for your listeners when you were in the midst of creating the track?

When T’d Up was being produced I had nothing but energy and the feeling of a rock star Raging inside me and I knew that I had to have the listener/supporters feel my energy. I feel like everyone has a moment when they just want to have fun and forget about all things negative in life.

What's the most rewarding experience you've had as an artist?

The most rewarding experience I have had as an artist is when I dropped the Lunar Star Gazing project and I had over 2000 supporting people contact me and say that the project made them not feel alone anymore. That to me is a blessing and it showed that my work was fulfilled

We're excited to see what you're up to next! Any upcoming releases you can tell us about?!

Yes I’m making a project called “Within You and I “it will be crafted with 13 tracks releasing late October 2019 with this amazing project I will be showing the audience more of the dark/ominous side of my life! 

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