Lucid Lynx Is a New Name in Psychedelia With “Open Earth”

The budding band Lucid Lynx formed in the urban scenes of Boston when four college students bonded over their preference for laid back, atmospheric music. The band draws from legendary groups such as Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin for traditional psychedelic rock inspiration. Lucid Lynx aims to bring their own ‘trance-inducing’ flavors to the progressive psychedelia world. With their new single “Open Earth,” Lucid Lynx creates sparks and serenity all in one package. A single riff of an electric guitar will invite you into the open arms of Lucid Lynx’s new release, “Open Earth.” The instrumental turns into a classic melody of psychedelic rock made up of guitars and drums. They sing with soft, unhurried voices that seem to echo throughout the whole song. With both the instrumentals and vocals of “Open Earth,” Lucid Lynx create a comfortable melancholic atmosphere. The song will make the listener feel as though they are in the middle of a daydream. The lyrics of “Open Earth” are a poetic painting of our Earth; they highlight its beauty throughout the song. With “Open Earth,” Lucid Lynx brings back the best of traditional psychedelic rock, all while introducing their personality to the game.

Listen to "Open Earth" here.