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LYTRS Delivers a Realistic Message With Their Latest Single, "Trinity"

Giving listeners a glimpse of what their past six months have been like, LYTRS releases a thrilling Alt-Pop banger titled "Trinity." LYTRS (Live Your True Radical Self) consists of Ralph Nasty, Kristina Storm, and Deynoodt. The trio has made it easy for listeners to feel safe when listening to their music and reflecting on their inner-growth.

With their latest release, "Trinity," LYTRS brings a heavy lyrical theme while adding to the intense atmosphere with exhilarating Alt-Pop instrumentals. Not to mention their stimulating music video for the single where LYTRS finds themselves trapped while soaking in color; we love the overall concept that the trio has delivered with this unique single. "Trinity" opens with a powerful synth arrangement and whaling electric guitar. While Kristina Storm's vocals drift from the background to the foreground, the surrounding electronic instrumentals continue to pour over and add intense energy. Kristina Storm's lyricism reminds us of life's adversities and watching your dreams fall only to help shape your future.

Ralph Nasty adds this incredibly rhythmic verse where he playfully raps about themes of healing and spirituality, where he's met with Storm's haunting vocals all to add depth to the song. With a softened bridge from Deynoodt, the three have perfected sonic and lyrical depth, and we appreciate how LYTRS has managed to keep us at the edge of our seat with each aspect of the song.

LYTRS has wowed us with the electrifying and powerful atmosphere they've infused into their sweltering single "Trinity," and we're highly anticipating more stimulating tracks for the trio's future.

We're locked right into the energy and life exuding from your single, "Trinity." What inspired your realistic lyrical content for the track?

Our biggest inspiration for Trinity was basically the 3 of us together breaking barriers of fear and doubt and reaching our highest potential together. We play off of each other's lyrics a lot, so sometimes it’s not so much about a bigger picture as it is a conversation between the 3 of us. 

Would you say that LYTRS usually delivers such stimulating electro-pop instrumentals as you did with "Trinity"? What was the group's creative/production process like?

The songs on the EP each have their own Vibe but definitely do share the electro-pop aspect. Our process for this song and all 8 songs on the EP was a bit unorthodox from what we’re used to. The beats were made in Nashville by our very own Ralph nasty- then sent to Louisiana for Kristina and Deynoodt to lay down vocals and guitar. Then the track is sent back to Nashville for rapping And mixing. After mixing the first demo we come together by conference call to discuss production ideas, composition, and musical breaks until we land on a demo we can all align with. Then we’d send it to our dear friend and audio engineer, Jason ‘Jobby’ Beard at sixto6 productions in Massachusetts to master. 

Speaking on the music video for "Trinity," how did you come up with the concept where you're trapped in a vibrant space and seeking a way out?

While Trinity may seem like we’re trapped, It’s not about escaping, per se. Its more about realizing that life itself is a vibrant space if you accept who you are and allow yourself to occupy your own creative mind- which goes hand in hand with LYTRS (live your true radical self). The idea for the video was a natural progression and physical representation of everything we felt like we were going through as we were becoming LYTRS. 

Seeing as your group came together to create a quarantine themed track, how did you end up making eight songs and four music videos that weren't necessarily planned?

Our quarantine track “Quarantine” was originally intended to be a feature on Ralph Nasty’s album, but it came together so quickly, and naturally, we all agreed once it was released we wanted to do more together. The concept for LYTRS was born and songs flowed out of us and ideas for videos came along with it. We were so inspired by each other that we wanted to get as much out as possible. Ralph traveled to Louisiana to film a video, Kristina and Deynoodt went to Nashville to film a video, and once we did separately and edited it together to look like we were together. We continue to make it work because we love making music together as a group- even though we all have other projects we still commit ourselves to LYTRS because we love it. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020 and what can we expect to see next from you?

Kristina here! Staying inspired in 2020 is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. The world may seem like it’s upside down, but I’m having the best year of my life! 2020 has given me Opportunities to follow all my dreams while also staying at home with my 2 young children. As a single mom it’s not every day you get the chance to spend time with your kiddos AND write songs, create music videos, and love the path you’re on! Living my truest self is the best decision I could have ever made. 

As for what’s coming next for LYTRS, we’re releasing our Duality Of Light EP,  launching a Duality Of Light clothing line (that we designed and produced ourselves), and releasing our last music video for the EP at the end of October. We’ve already started writing the next one and planning some future videos so new content won’t be far behind. 

Ralph Nasty is releasing a new solo album by the end of the year, and Kristina Storm and Deynoodt have a project called DeyStorm releasing their first single and music video for Halloween! 




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