Made In Japan: HD-4884 Releases a Groundbreaking New Song “Virus 1260”

Welcome to BuzzMusic HD-4884! I think we are all wondering, what is the meaning behind your name? Can you tell us what sparked your interest in a career in music?

Thank you, I am honored to be on BuzzMusic. My interest in a “career” in music was not really interest, it just chose me from the very beginning. No words were able to explain my emotions, thoughts or artistic ideas, so I seek refuge in sound. To be unapologetic and heard have been key. Those who relate can definitely understand. 

Meaning behind someone or something’s name can never be explained properly, only received as is. Names are given and place onto those without warning and understanding is just as difficult. Here’s a hint tho:  The title is responsible of creating the first initial sequence and if the title does not match the following revolution, Then the initial sequence will not follow and create error/reset. 

I encourage everyone to go more in-depth into this hint, the answer is closer then you think.

Congratulations on the release of your debut single “Virus 1260”. This was such a massive and intricate song with amazing production. Can you dive into the creative process? How long did "Virus 1260” take you to create?

“Virus 1260” took approximately 1 week to complete, I wanted to create something infectious, short and punctual to the ear, but yet unique in the sound design realm. It was definitely a different approach to production that I’m not used to hearing. So I decided to take the risk and challenge myself which inevitably became the sound for Virus 1260. I might perhaps release a video of how I created the track from scratch. But who knows, the future is filled with so many questions and wonders it’s exciting.

We can see “Virus 1260” being performed at EDM festivals around the world. Do you have any festivals that are a goal or dream for you to perform?

It definitely would be a treat to hear “Virus 1260” being performed at any major EDM/Bass festival around the globe, but to perform my dream festivals it would have to be EDC Vegas, Escape, Bass Canyon and Lost Lands. Or to even say the least, open up for Blanke, Lick, Rezz or Deathpact would be the ultimate goal.

You paint a story throughout your music, which is unique since it is completely instrumental. How do you create such enticing music - without the power of singing or lyrics? 

I think of my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) as a notepad and the sounds I create are the lyrics of a song. With that perspective, it definitely helps to be more fluid when trying to translate your journey.

As “Virus 1260” was a massive debut from you HD-4884, what can your new fans expect from you in 2020? We're looking forward to hearing the next explosive track from you! 

I’m currently working on remixes, features, and collaborations at the moment. One feature, in particular, I’m excited about is with Torii Wolf. I was fortunate enough to catch a set of her projects with Human & Ghost Tense at The Satellite when I was in Los Angeles back in January. I was blown away by her amazing stage presence, talent, and conviction in her lyrics, and I knew I had to work with her. So definitely keep an ear out for that. 

Listen to HD-4884 here.