Making Waves: A Look Into up and Coming Artist, Trenel

Hot off his recent release, “Drivin By,” Trenel isn’t stopping there. He’s in a creative niche, exploring new sounds and investing his energy in expanding his music catalog. With a new album in the works and several press functions on the horizon, Trenel is busily expanding his brand. Trenel places himself in a constant state of self-discovery and self-improvement. With plans to work with different producers to reflect on what he’s created in the past and how he can improve on future projects. Hailing from Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Trenel has always had an attraction to the art of music. He started carefully dissecting songs, focusing on different percussion and synths, eventually translating that knowledge of study and reflection into his own projects. In 2012 he landed his first mic gig, and he hasn’t looked back since then. Trenel blends sounds of RnB/Hip-Hop, funk, Afro-Latin, and Reggae. His finely tuned musical ability from years of studying different arrangements assists in arranging his own creative pieces. Driven by sheer ambition and a deeply embedded set of ethics, there are simply no boundaries to what his creativity can unleash.

Discover “Drivin By” here.