Margot White’s EP “I Saw It On The Radio” is Out Now!

Texas-born Margot White just released her much-anticipated EP “I Saw It On the Radio” featuring her new single “Face to Face” and an impressive music video by Alpha Bravo Studios to match. Margot White is a master at scene-setting and building intensity, and the opening track to “I Saw It On The Radio” titled “Face to Face” reminds you of all of this, and showcases a mighty step higher on the creative and professional spectrum. Margot’s voice sounds wonderful, mildly raspy and organic, contrasting nicely with the smooth, retro, keyboard-like tones of the soundscape. “Face to Face” utilizes intrigue incredibly well.

A mysterious and enchanting piece, loaded with imagery and compelling references, balancing outward observations with personal, intimate thoughts and questions. You feel the need to witness something visual with this song and luckily, the music video captures all of these elements flawlessly. We can’t say it enough, Margot’s voice is beautiful transcending through the alternative and experimental nature of the music and the songwriting to skillfully bridge the gap and appeal on a deeply human, honest level. This is a song worth revisiting a few times over. Easy and enjoyable to have played, yet loaded with depth and insight. 

Listen to “Face to Face” here and read more in our interview with Margot White below! 

It's a pleasure to feature your new music. Do you believe that the way you intend to communicate your messages through your music is easily received by your listeners?

Yes and no.  I think music videos help a lot with this actually and making the video for Face to Face was where I realized this.  Where my lyrics can sometimes be a bit mysterious or enigmatic, it is really nice to be able to have an image presenting the audience with a point of reference, whether through the choice of outfits or set design or time of day.  But I deeply value the concept of being able to deliver quite complex ideas with very few words.  All of my favourite songwriters are gifted in this way, and it is so powerful in terms of causing people to feel something special. I think that is a real litmus test for anyone serious about songwriting.

“Face to Face" was an incredibly dreamy and hypnotic track. Where did you draw the inspiration to create this particular type of sound? What was the overall concept of the music video?

It definitely all started on a bus ride back to London from Glastonbury.  It was very late at night and I was listening to a Tom Petty track about heartbreak, and just kind of floating in between an imaginary world in my head and real-life — which is where most of my songs usually happen— and something about feeling a little bit nauseous from sitting way up at the top of the bus with my face against a cold window and watching these long streaks of rain beating against the glass just sort of made something happen.  I guess it was that sense of looking out into the darkness from inside a bright, warm space as well, that can feel quite alien-like you are in outerspace on this wild journey.

So I guess lyrically, the song is a commentary on a relationship where one person is trying to reach the other, but they are just on different levels.  But sonically it really embodies a more universal aesthetic I am really naturally drawn to.  I liken it almost to a siren call, or music of faerie realms, or the harmony of the spheres in the sense that I am always hearing these other frequencies and pulses, and it is a matter of figuring how to communicate them.

How would you say that "Face to Face" compares to the kind of music you curated when you first started out as an artist?

Wow.  It’s funny because in a way it is exactly the same as what was in my head when I first started out, I just didn’t have the tools and skills to realise that sound yet.  But also, I do notice sometimes I really enjoy just sticking with an acoustic guitar and really lo-fi vocals and letting the story tell itself in a really naked way.

You’re an extremely gifted songwriter so it was no surprise to us that you also write poetry! Tell us more about the poetry book you just released?

Thank you very much.  I’m so pleased about the poetry book.  It is titled The Fortune of a Fairy,  The book itself combines some of the lyrics from the EP I just released in October, like Electric Wolf, along with more structured, traditional pieces that follow specific themes of esotericism, love, mystery and mythology.  The poetry strongly references a lot of my influences: Shelley, Keats, Gertrude Stein, Euripides, Homer, Virgil, Dante, Sappho, Rumi, Kahlil Gibran, e.e. cummings, Langston Hughes, Walt Whitman, Countee Cullen, Sylvia Plath, Siegfried Sassoon, Owen Wilson, Robert Frost; joyfully, this list is a somewhat endless fount.  The title of the book itself is meant to reference the fairytales and folklore I have been influenced by as well.  It always surprises me how timeless their structures are in offering insights into the archetypal structures of society and personal psychology. The book is now available on my website, but I will be offering signed limited editions at the Launch Party, Salon de Beats, November 15 at Sixty Sixty Sounds on Denmark Street in London.

It was awesome to be able to present "Face to Face" here on BuzzMusic! What do you think is next for you as an artist? Where do you hope to progress within the next couple of years?

Thank you again for having me, it was a real pleasure.  I am really excited because I am already trying new things, and have just done my first gig with a full band.  We’re already lining up more UK gigs and I definitely foresee some international touring taking shape.  I am excited to see what it is like to be in different places and seeing what different people are into musically.  Basically I am ready to be touring the world and just writing top hits left and right, ha. I’m so wild about being able to wake up every day and work at what I love, so honestly just continuing on this path would bring me a great deal of joy. I love collaborating with other songwriters and artists, and I look forward to continuing to work with the very talented producer, Francesco Marseglia as well.  We already have a new track taking shape that I am just crazy about. Additionally, I have recently been turned on to Johnny Greenwood’s work as a composer, and I cannot wait to compose my first film score, as soundtracks have always been a strong source of fascination for me.