Marina Bennett Releases an End-of-Summer Anthem with, "Til The End"

Giving us the goods from Vancouver, BC, singer-songwriter and recording artist Marina Bennett asks if love is worth the heartache in a new end-of-summer anthem, "Til The End."

A self-proclaimed sonic storyteller, Marina Bennett never shies away from using her powerful and dynamic vocals to tell the tales that lay in her deep-feeling heart. Known for creating a colorful mixture of pop, r&b, and haunting cinematic folk, Marina Bennett is excited to continue broadening her fanbase with help from her versatile and relatable pieces.

As we reach summer's end, Marina Bennett felt compelled to release an anthem for our seasonal transitions entitled "Til The End." In this hit, listeners can catch Marina Bennett questioning whether falling in love is worth it when there's always the opportunity for heartache and despair to roam.

Co-written and produced by Quenton "Q-Ten" Williams, "Til The End" opens with a soothing and transcendent synth arrangement alongside Marina Bennett's vocal entry that brings the song to new and fresh heights. As she begins to serenade us with rather reflective lyricism, the beat starts to swell with punchy r&b drum breaks and more celestial synths that broaden the sonic atmosphere.

Listening to Marina Bennett's vocals, she tells the age-old introspective tale of finding sanity in solitude or mustering the courage to fall for someone new. We adore the gentle and chilling approach that Marina Bennett and Quenton Williams have taken with this imaginative and dreamy tune, as it not only poses a few relatable questions but it sonically serenades the soul with each soothing and harmonious melody.

Hit play on Marina Bennett's end-of-summer anthem, "Til The End," and find the single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Marina. We're truly feeling lifted after listening to your latest single, "Til The End." What inspired you to write a song that questions if falling in love is worth the risk?

Marina: I think in these times we’re living in, there is so much uncertainty and anxiety and it’s made it clear that human connection and love is a necessity to get through it. For many folks who have never had to slow down and look at their lives and inside their hearts, this chapter has provided a chance to ask what it is we truly desire, and perhaps face our fears around intimacy and being open-hearted and vulnerable with someone else, while also realizing that love is the key to life. We wanted to create a song that captures that edge of uncertainty we’re living in, especially when it comes to adapting to the world opening back up after being in isolation— wondering what that future looks like and how to move forward with an open heart ready to allow love and human connection back into our lives. Quenton: Honestly, I feel like that's the universal question of our time right now. Especially for the young singles out there. There is so much uncertainty with everything that it just seems like a real struggle to find something real. So I think we both wanted to play with the idea of someone coming out of an isolated, "safe" but restless situation and show them that hope is still there. The whole coming out of quarantine and learning to be intimate and close to people again was an intriguing idea to me as well. We all have been living through a pandemic with real emotional effects. We wanted to make people feel good about trusting love and humanity again.

What was it like formulating the sonic landscape with producer Quenton Williams for "Til The End?" What was your collaboration like?

Marina: Working with Quenton was an absolute dream! I love his sense of creativity as a producer and his ability to capture such a unique vibe with his work. He’s really passionate about what he does and it shows in his art. He’s also incredibly visual so he really helped me bring the vision to life through our discussion of how we wanted to make the song feel. We had discussed we wanted the song to feel like a post-apocalyptic love song—how to find love at the end of the world. He has an awesome personality and it was easy to get excited about the track and bring the song to life with his enthusiasm and vision! I can’t wait to see what’s next for him and make more music!

Quenton: Marina's positive vibe is infectious! It made collaborating with her a rewarding experience. My life has been jammed-packed with the craziness that will knock you off the rails if you let it. So whenever Marina and I chatted about the song or music in general, it gave me the positive energy to get in the paint and work through the struggles. It was a breath of fresh air to have somebody believe in a song as much or even more than you do! "She's going to be a bad MOFO! lol, Yall better watch out!"

How did Quenton Williams help bring your thoughts and emotions to life during your songwriting process for "Til The End?" Was it easy for the both of you to convey the song's theme and concept?

Marina: We connected over our love of r&B and soul music so he sent me this track he had made spontaneously and immediately it felt like a magical world full of hope and longing. I love to record my first instincts when I hear a production so I recorded the melodies and some lyrics that came from my subconscious immediately and sent it his way. It was really cool because I wasn’t expecting it to be so rough, but soon after Quenton sent me back some awesome lyrics that he had heard me singing in my rough ideas, so we swapped more ideas back and forth until we had a cohesive idea and concept. Although we had to work remotely it was really interactive and creative!

Quenton: The story and overall concept came a lot easier and quicker than the recording and production side. Working from two different locations, time zones and lifestyles makes things a challenge for the meticulous technical stuff. Despite all that, we just stayed positive and kept it moving!

Why did you choose to release "Til The End" at the end of summer? What makes this song an end-of-summer anthem?

Marina: We had originally planned to release the song early to mid-August but had a couple of roadblocks we needed to work through on the technical side—in hindsight, it was all worth it because in the end I really feel like “Til the End” has a nostalgic bittersweet feeling to it and that’s how I always feel at the end of the summer. It almost feels like the dreamy space we live in during the summer is ending and the reality of fall is setting in with the change it brings, and the potential for something new— including love.

Quenton: Wow, in my opinion, I kind of wish we dropped it at the beginning of the summer if I had my way. However, it's here now, and that's something to smile about. Time will tell but, I like to think of this song as a Late Summer creeper! You weren't expecting anything else, but we hit you with something to finish out the warm nights!

What's next for you?

Marina: I’ll be working on some more singles for the rest of the year, building my production skills while prepping for the release of a full-length album in 2022. As always I’ll be writing like crazy, collaborating with some magical people from around the globe, and staying inspired as I can! Very grateful to do what I do!

Quenton: Next is growing my brand with my social media outlets while finishing other work I've been slowly grinding on for myself and other independent artists. I'm hoping to cook up a few more singles with Marina! The name of the game for me now is staying active in any way possible.