Marina Solonos Is Back With Her Comeback Single “You’re Not Sorry (feat. Noelle Bellinghousen)”

From Greece to the U.S.A, singer/songwriter and TV writer Marina Solonos is back in the game with her latest single “You’re Not Sorry (feat. Noelle Bellinghousen).” After moving to America in 2009, Marina Solonos took a ten-year hiatus from music. Kicking it back up again in 2019, she decided to do both cartoon TV creating/writing as well as her personal music career. Her comeback single “You’re Not Sorry (feat. Noelle Bellinghousen)” shines a different light on her discography, letting her music range from European to North American. Marina Solonos sings lyrics of moving on from a love that she’s outgrown, and standing up for yourself.

Kicking off with short pulsing string-like synths the give off a fairytale atmosphere, “You’re Not Sorry (feat. Noelle Bellinghousen)” almost surrounds a fairytale gone wrong. Marina Solonos sings painful lyrics of falling for the wrong person and knowing that they’re not going to change. The track has a very dynamic tone throughout, from almost a dubstep-infused chorus with heavy electronic synths and the empowering bars from Noelle Bellinghousen. Speaking on her feature, Noelle Bellinghousen livens up “You’re Not Sorry (feat. Noelle Bellinghousen)” with a hip-hop feel and gives a very well rounded sound to the song. We’re inspired by Marina Solonos’ single “You’re Not Sorry (feat. Noelle Bellinghousen)” and how she’s made such a compelling comeback to the industry.

You can listen to “You’re Not Sorry (feat. Noelle Bellinghousen)” here.