Maro DēLo Is Swiftly Becoming a Household Name, Catch up With Him in Our BuzzMusic Exclusive

Manhattan-born and Philly raised singer/songwriter Maro DēLo pulls his passion for music from his classic rock and blues-infused upbringing. Maro’s diverse background gives a dynamic edge to his original pop-rock songs. Maro’s debut EP “Shades of Blue” was released last October and he hasn’t shown signs of slowing down since! It was no surprise that after the release of the EP Maro DēLo furthered his impressive following and fanbase. In June 2019, Maro DēLo released his first single of the year “Wake Up”, a stunning pop ballad with a real-life underlying story that remains close to the artist’s heart. After pairing up and writing with Shane Dodd, Maro DēLo was introduced to the notable producer Gary Miller (David Bowie, Elton John, Santana, George Michael, Hall & Oates, and Keb’ Mo’.) to solidify pro-management guidance. 

More recently Maro DēLo recently dropped “Hold U” this past September and we’re playing this tune on repeat! Not only does Maro DēLo consistently release new music but if you subscribe to his Youtube channel you’ll see brand new content every week! His cover of “Lost Without You” has garnered almost 5000 views! Maro has an ever-growing number of supporters and over 8,000 Instagram followers. We’re always following Maro’s success and we look forward to new music!  Check out Maro DēLo’s music here and read more with the artist below! 

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Maro DēLo! It’s such a pleasure to be chatting with you again. "Wake Up" is the perfect track to introduce new listeners to your sound in 2019. What made you choose this particular track to release following your debut EP?

As an artist who falls under what some would call the “storyteller", I write about the moments that hit you like a ton of bricks; the ones that change evolve me as a person. Sharing these stories is not only a way of healing for me, but also gives the listener a chance to understand me beyond the music. Once someone puts on your song, they subconsciously decide how good of a narrator they think you are. Some feedback I’ve gotten on “Wake Up” from fans is that it’s a real heartfelt, up-close personal song. That’s exactly what I was hoping to achieve when I hit “upload.”

“Shades of Blue” as a whole is extremely versatile and diverse! How long was this project in the making?

The EP, my first, took 8 months to produce. During that time, I was in the process of establishing my genre and voice. I participated in a blues camp since I was 9 years old but was always a fan of Pop and Rock as well so it was intuitive for me to incorporate both genres. My producer, Jimi K. Bones, was instrumental (pun intended) in acknowledging my sound while at the same time incorporating musical elements and stories that relate to my experiences and generation.

“Hold U” is a great new track but it seems to have a meaningful message behind the lyrics. Can you tell us more about this song?

I guess you could say this is my version of John Mayer’s ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’ It’s about the first girl I dated in high school. I strove to incorporate the wide range of heady feelings that erupted in us from private, intimate romance to the high adrenaline rush of feeling on top of the world. That’s why it was so important to include a female voice in the song. It’s my celebration song of first true love and I knew I had to produce it now when all those memories were still fresh in my mind. My hope is that others can relate, whether you are young and experiencing it now or for those that are looking back and feeling nostalgic about their first love.

Since you’ve been making music for a few years, how would you compare some of the earlier material you’ve written to what you’re currently working on? How have you honed your songwriting style over time, and what do you think are the main qualities that make a song truly connect and last in the long-run? 

The Shades of Blues EP was based on what I knew best at that juncture, Blues and Pop-Rock. During that period I learned so much from my producers, I also began ongoing voice coaching and as a result, my voice and sound evolved a lot during that period. In regard to honing my writing style, I am now working with another producer, Gary Miller. I am so grateful to work with him because simply put, he is a musical genius. He in turn was excited to collab with me to hone in on my songwriting style and true voice which I would now describe as Pop-Punk but my genre is Pop-Rock. We are currently making magic together and I can’t wait to release these songs. In regard to the qualities that make a song truly connect and last: It’s about creating storytelling music that connects deeply to the heart of the listener which is easier said than done.

What would you say is the most useful piece of criticism you’ve received thus far within your career? Do you typically take criticism to your advantage?

The most useful criticism was definitely that I needed vocal coaching. Through that coaching, I learned that my voice is an instrument and the magical element for me to connect with my audience. I’m am extremely passionate at heart and my voice is the most powerful vehicle to share and express that passion. In regard to taking criticism to my advantage: absolutely, particularly if it is coming from a person whose purpose is to help me succeed. When I receive criticism about my music in general, I am ok with it. Music is subjective, not everyone is going to love it and that’s ok.

Thank you so much for chatting with us again! Do you prefer the more intimate recording process over live performance? How do you personally feel when you're performing your music live?

If I had to decide between the two, I would choose live performance. Producing is a blast because it’s new and exciting, don’t get me wrong. But as soon as a track has been produced, mixed, and mastered, I feel REALLY excited when performing it live because it gives me the chance to play a show and tell with my latest creation.