Matt Jaffe Sets Our Speakers Ablaze With His Fifth Studio Album, 'Kintsugi'

Coming in from the Bay Area, San Francisco, singer-songwriter and versatile recording artist MattJaffe releases his fifth studio album entitled 'Kintsugi.'

After grabbing the attention of Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads), Matt Jaffe was able to create and finalize his debut album that made waves across the Bay Area's independent music scene. Known for marrying literary lyrics with an irresistible urge to dance and let loose, it's without a doubt that anyone will enjoy the versatile stylings of Matt Jaffe.

Now releasing his 7-track album, 'Kintsugi,' the experience opens with the introductory track, "Cut Me Down the Middle." Opening with a fuzzy rhythm guitar, the song later takes off with upbeat drum breaks and Matt Jaffe's exciting vocal portrayal. As he begins to dive deeper into his lyrical content, he brings us into a deeply passionate and exhilarating lyrical theme while enhancing the song's desire and stimulation with each lively instrumental arrangement. We love the country undertones that this song has to offer, as it keeps us locked in and engaged with each intricate transition and catchy melody.

Moving onto "Weekend Lover," this song takes on a more gentle and relaxed approach. Opening with a warm and tender instrumental, Matt Jaffe enters the song with his soothing and nostalgic vocal portrayal that takes us back to the passionate 00s alternative scene. As Matt Jaffe begins to expand on his passionate lyrics, he clutches our hearts with his poetic lyricism that touches on loving someone every day of the week and promising to cherish their heart with warmth and tenderness. We adore the soothing harmonies that Matt Jaffe offers with his vocal mixing, as it deepens the song into this whole-sounding and thorough listening experience.

Reaching the third track, "Voodoo Doll," Matt Jaffe continues the same gentle and relaxed approach as he opens the song with his reverbed vocals alongside a cinematic string section, warm percussion elements, and lush guitar melodies. We love the heart that Matt Jaffe has placed into this modern-day ballad, as his passionate lyrics merged with his sweet and savory instrumentals make for a unique and compelling listening experience. Not to mention the song's overall calming and peaceful appeal, we deeply appreciate how Matt Jaffe opens his heart for anyone to relate with.

Reaching the project's halfway point with "Shape of Fear," this song takes off with a gloomy, sultry, and gritty undertone with the entire hazy and crunchy instrumentals that set the song's serious tone. As Matt Jaffe begins to expand on the toll that fear can take on anyone's mind, body, and soul, he later reminds listeners to be the master of their own fate and take charge of their destiny. We can't get enough of the reverbed and crunchy electric guitars within this track, as they stand out as the track's highlight with each in-depth arrangement and soul-clenching melody. As the song picks up in energy and passion, Matt Jaffe and his scorching hot instrumentals lead us to the outro without a dull moment in sight.

Onto track number five, "Enough Bad Luck," this song is another high-energy 00s alternative-esque tune that opens with the utmost energy and passion. As Matt Jaffe makes his vocal appearance, he brings the song into this deeply passionate and exciting mood with his lively vocal portrayal that sets our hearts ablaze. While wishing to steer away from the bad luck that's been knocking at his door, Matt Jaffe continues to energetically serenade us with his unique vocal stylings while grooving to the song's upbeat and carefree instrumental arrangements. We truly feel lifted after listening to this tune, as it's the perfect pick-me-up after the previous reflective and emotional pieces.

Falling back into a gentle and tender sonic atmosphere with the next track, "Save Your Sorrow," we can already tell that this song will be a heartfelt and emotional listening experience merely through the song's title and the gentle introduction. As Matt Jaffe makes his way in, he begins to wish for a new and brighter day while hoping his future has more happiness in store than his past had to offer. We admire the introspective and calming instrumental approach that Matt Jaffe has crafted with this delicate piece, as his sonic landscape perfectly enhances and compliments his heartfelt and reflective lyrical theme.

Reaching the last song of the project with "Hurt Me Now," we can already tell that this tune will be the perfect album closer merely due to the song's gentle and lush introduction that paves the way for Matt Jaffe's honest and relatable lyrics to float on in. As the ear-pleasing electric guitar wails in the foreground while making way for Matt Jaffe's vocals, the track quickly increases in energy with its rhythmic and soulful instrumental transitions. As Matt Jaffe livens the song with his uplifting lyricism, he later elaborates on how it's too late to rekindle a once-lit flame while venturing into the unknown with nothing but independence, resilience, and determination.

Soothe your soul with MattJaffe's fifth studio album, 'Kintsugi,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.