Mazyn Places Weight on His Hip-hop Roots in "Ever Since"

It comes as no surprise that Ottawa’s Hip-hop artist Mazyn continues to make strides in his respective genre of music. However, the emerging talents of his musical repertoire continue to rise with each song he carefully crafts, and we’re seeing more of him branch out into the versatility he adapts to.

Swerving into a realm of cognizant bars that roll off the tip of his tongue, Mazyn has listeners fully invested in the tantalizingly edgy soundscape of “Ever Since.” Tapping into the authenticity he hones in on, we find that we’re exposed to a side of Mazyn that delves a bit deeper into the gears that turn inside the canvas of his mind. With a slow tempo that pulsates through your speakers, the piano forward instrumentation transitions through intricate percussion patterns as we hear the icy cadences fill out this record in a way that reiterates self-assuredness.

Chalked full of witty rhyme schemes that leave an imprint behind on who Mazyn is and the reasons why he has to make it in the music industry, what we’re exposed to goes beyond the words stated, and heavily lean into the feeling you get when taking in this masterpiece. Catching onto lines such as, ‘I was never a quitter, I’m forever bloomin,’ Mazyn pays homage to the collective titled Bloooom that he rolls with which includes the “Ever Since,” producer extraordinaire EffeNess.

Wrapping our heads around the short, yet extremely heavy hitting messaging that stems from this brand new release, we see exactly how high Mazyn will be elevated in the time to come.

Hello Mazyn, thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic, it's always a pl