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Mazyn Places Weight on His Hip-hop Roots in "Ever Since"

It comes as no surprise that Ottawa’s Hip-hop artist Mazyn continues to make strides in his respective genre of music. However, the emerging talents of his musical repertoire continue to rise with each song he carefully crafts, and we’re seeing more of him branch out into the versatility he adapts to.

Swerving into a realm of cognizant bars that roll off the tip of his tongue, Mazyn has listeners fully invested in the tantalizingly edgy soundscape of “Ever Since.” Tapping into the authenticity he hones in on, we find that we’re exposed to a side of Mazyn that delves a bit deeper into the gears that turn inside the canvas of his mind. With a slow tempo that pulsates through your speakers, the piano forward instrumentation transitions through intricate percussion patterns as we hear the icy cadences fill out this record in a way that reiterates self-assuredness.

Chalked full of witty rhyme schemes that leave an imprint behind on who Mazyn is and the reasons why he has to make it in the music industry, what we’re exposed to goes beyond the words stated, and heavily lean into the feeling you get when taking in this masterpiece. Catching onto lines such as, ‘I was never a quitter, I’m forever bloomin,’ Mazyn pays homage to the collective titled Bloooom that he rolls with which includes the “Ever Since,” producer extraordinaire EffeNess.

Wrapping our heads around the short, yet extremely heavy hitting messaging that stems from this brand new release, we see exactly how high Mazyn will be elevated in the time to come.

Hello Mazyn, thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic, it's always a pleasure when we get to catch up with you. Ever since your artist name changed we see you coming in full force and we’re all here for it! With a song like “Ever Since,” honing in on the Hip-hop scale of your artistic versatility, was there a particular moment that allowed you to get the words out just how you intended to?

Pleasure is mine. I wrote this song a bit over a year ago at a time where I was finishing my bachelor's degree as an international student and at a point where the world started going crazy with covid hitting as well as a lot of social issues and tragedies that were arising both backs in the Arab region where I'm from, as well as in North America where I'm currently residing. I feel that caused a lot of angry energy in general for most people against all the injustices that have been happening for a while now. One day, Samo, my producer and co-founder of our collective BLOOOOM, sent me the beat and I wrote the whole thing in one go as one long verse and that was the song.

In your own words, what does “Ever Since” mean to you? What are you hoping that your audience can take away from the messaging locked into this piece?

I'd say the moment I made 'Ever Since' was a turning point in general for me in my life. As I have set my priorities straight as well as completely doubling down on music and not letting anything distract me from my goal and purpose. I'd like for the listener to take away that only you can really limit yourself to what you can really achieve. If you ever felt like a nuisance, reject, or underdog, you'll get a moment where it all makes sense in your head which turns you into a self-belief monster who can turn whatever cards you've been dealt with into positivity around you.

Do you find that your success on TikTok has been contributing to the way your artistry is perceived during these times?

It has. In a good way though where it's been sparking more traction and conversation towards the music which has been my goal since I started posting regularly on Tik Tok. I've taken a good break from it for a couple of months now, focusing on my original content and the music but I'm back to it again and going in full force with creating content on tik tok. Who knows maybe something viral, but if not I'm making sure that the music speaks for itself in a way that'll stand the test of time, telling my full story from A to Z.

What are you looking the most forward to with all of the releases that you have lined up for your fan base?

I'm excited for everyone to see the progression with every song as well as really taking in the sound that my team and I have been working on for countless nights and hours over the past two years. I'm finally confident to say that the sky isn't the limit anymore with what I got coming because I'm aiming further than that.

What's next for you?

I got new music coming pretty much every week this summer on average. My next single after this will be dropping on the 23rd which will be one of my favorite songs I made yet. I hope the music connects with the people. Thanks for speaking with me. Much love!


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