Meet the EDM Engineer Biipso

Californian DJ/producer Biispo showcases his love of producing EDM and House music on the latest release, “Wake Me Up.” Being sure not to limit his creative landscape, Biispo also enjoys making music stemming from many different genres. Biispo’s ability to create unique and original sounds while tying in emotional elements is the end game he tries to achieve when writing and producing his music. His musical talent has flourished in such a short time producing his own sounds, with just over a year of production experience. After releasing many notable electronic tracks, Biispo has been able to carve out a reputable niche.

Pouring his time into researching sound design, Biispo implores himself to understand which parameters within his virtual studio technology affects the synthesizers and other digital elements in order to produce a desired sound. Biispo’s dedication to fine-tuning BPM and instrumentals enables him to create seemingly polished and free-flowing results. Drawing on musical influences such as Madeon, Dj Snake, Avicii, Calvin Harris, Zedd, Diplo, and M83, Biispo is inspired to continue expanding and experimenting with different musical genres to further his musical soundscape.

Listen to "Wake Me Up” here.

Hey Biispo, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re really getting down with your talented production on your latest single “Wake Me Up (ft. Odum Abekah)”. Did you have any initial inspiration that sparked the creation for the single? Yes, when I first started making this song, it was my first time trying out sound design. I didn’t really have a goal to make a song actually. I was watching a lot of Andrew Huang youtube videos on sound design and really wanted to try and create a sound from scratch. I started messing around with the different features in a synth VST I was using and tried to really understand which parameters did what in order to get a desired sound. From then on, I really liked the sound that I made and then built upon it. When I added the piano part to the song, I thought that it gave the song some sort of deep feeling that really stuck with me. Prior to this sound design venture, I was really captivated by the concept of a timeless song. I was listening to “One More Time” by Daft Punk, “Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris, and  “Levels” by Avicii on constant repeat and that pushed me to try and produce a song that I was really happy with making.

We’re loving the combination of Biispo’s vibrant production and Odum Abekah’s breathtaking vocals. Did you have an original sound in mind when creating “Wake Me Up (ft. Odum Abekah)”? Do you think it changed during the process or was it fully executed? I did have an original sound in mind when creating this song. It was a tiny bit more downtempo and had a more of a deep house kind of vibe. When I added the lyrics to the song, it seemed too slow so I bumped up the bpm a bit to where I thought that the instrumental worked well with the lyrics. I had my friend sing the lyrics so that I would have a demo to present to some singers that I had in mind for the song. I originally had the idea to have a singer with a bit of a high tone in their voice to sing the song, but when I was fortunate enough to come across Odum’s voice, it just made perfect sense to move forward with him. His vocal ability really captured the essence of the song!

Speaking towards crafting electronic dance music where each song has its own specific atmosphere and sound, could you speak on where the majority of Biispo’s music lies? Is it more of a deep house sound or a mix of different sub-genres? I would say that it’s a mix of different sub-genres. I’d love to keep expanding and experiment with different genres as my journey with music continues.

Even though Biispo just started making his way into the industry this past year, your music is incredibly textured and tightly-wound already. Who are some musical influences that may have impacted your sound, and made you want to start creating music of your own? Oh man, I could list a bunch of artists that influence me, but I’ll name a few. Not ranked in any particular order; Madeon, Dj Snake, Avicii, Calvin Harris, Zedd, Diplo, and M83. I’d say that the first artist that inspired me to start creating music was Madeon and the artists that kept/is keeping me wanting to be innovative with my sounds is Dj snake, Avicii, and Zedd. I remember when Madeon posted his live performance of “Pop Culture” on youtube and I was so inspired.