Meet the Guys Behind the Band Burning Up the Toronto Alt-Rock Scene

From the humble beginnings starting out playing in suburban garages, Metal Friction worked tirelessly and overcame many challenges along the way. Metal Friction has carved out their own unique territory or alt-rock we hear on their late single: “Show Me Some Love.” Founded in 2015 in Mississauga, Ontario, by brothers Christian and Ryan Price, the duo expanded their members adding Matt on drums and Greg on bass. The group focuses on making music that is a total trip to experience life, while still delivering a genre-bending sound to the enthusiastic listener alike.

Already with an established local following on the Toronto Music scene, these guys are generating buzz for their original songwriting and catchy alt-rock tunes. With musical influences such as the Foo Fighters, Kings of Lean, and The Glorious Sons, these guys have worked hard to achieve a sound comparable to their idols. Chris and Ryan pen the lyrics to their songs, and for them, there’s no greater feeling than when a fan has reached out to the group to express how they wholly related to the message found within the track. Writing from their own personal experiences, Chris and Ryan hope listeners can connect not only expressively but emotionally as well. The reciprocity received from fans only inspires the duo to push themselves even harder to deliver nothing but the best for their listeners.

Discover Metal Friction Band today and stream “Show Me Some Love” here.