Mellow Down With Cassidy Taylor in Single "Speak of the Devil"

Pop artist Cassidy Taylor is here to display her raw, acoustic stylings. Always remaining true to her experiences, Cassidy Taylor is an open and expressive artist that is huge on communication with her listeners. She seeks to establish meaningful connections through her music and hopes to inspire or relate to listeners abroad. Recently graduating from the Metalworks Institute of Sound & Music Production, Cassidy has a strong understanding of music and applies her knowledge to her very own personable sound.

Cassidy Taylor creates a moment of intimacy with her new single "Speak of the Devil". The song begins off with a clear-cut recording of Cassidy Taylor and really hones in on her soft but wide-ranging vocal tendencies. Once we venture further into the track, we get to explore the vocal soundings of Cassidy Taylor and all of the mystic elements that come along with it. The integrated acoustic sound of "Speak of the Devil" brings a warm sensation to our listening atmosphere, and we found that Cassidy Taylor's voice easily cursive. As a singer, Cassidy Taylor really knows how to hook in listeners with the alluring component her voice has to offer. You know, when an artist can easily perfect that sultry and almost sensuous tone in their voice? Well, Cassidy Taylor has done it, and it's all proven with "Speak of the Devil". "Speak of the Devil" was the track from Cassidy Taylor that really kept our attraction, so we're anticipating any new music from the artist as a result.

Check out Cassidy Taylor in her song "Speak of the Devil", here.

Hello, Cassidy Taylor! "Speak of the Devil" was your most recent release, and the song featured your strong ability to form a luscious atmosphere with your vocal sound. Are you able to delve deeper into the process behind your music, and how you've worked to create your own characterizable sound?

Hello! First off, thank you for having me, BuzzMusic. I’d say my musical process always starts with honesty. I write songs from what I’m feeling and create for the sake of creating, rather than create for the sake of pleasing others. When I’m writing a song about something especially personal, I write it for me and tell myself that nobody is going to hear it. Of course, I almost always end up showing someone the song, but it allows me to put opinions aside and focus on conveying the feeling.

“Speak of the Devil” was the first song I was really able to take control of in the studio. Me and my co-producer, Yanni Caldas, would throw ideas off of each other until something worked. Most of the time, I work off gut feeling – if the idea feels right, it probably is – and I got lucky working with somebody who has that same gut feeling. Really, the ultimate goal for me is to never do the same thing twice, but I think honesty keeps that sense of unity somehow. To summarize, I just try to stay true to myself and my feelings and I think the sound comes on its own.

"Speak of the Devil" truly felt packed with raw emotion. What did this particular track mean to you, and how were you intending for it to feel for your listeners?

Thanks. I wrote this song when I wasn’t feeling myself. I had just moved away from home, for me is a very small town, to go to college in the city. I felt sad and unmotivated and it took over my life for a while. Eventually, I wrote this song out of frustration. This song came from a lot of negativity, but I want people to hear it and know that they aren’t alone, cause that’s how I felt. A song like this would’ve helped me realize that I wasn’t the only person feeling this way, so I hope it can do that for someone.

As an artist who has already performed at a multitude of venues, and within various locations, what has been the biggest lesson you've learned as a performer? Are you drawn more towards a certain city/place performing-wise?

I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned performing, is to connect with the audience every chance you get but also don’t forget about yourself and your own experience on stage. It’s so easy to overthink what your doing artistically and physically to engage the audience and capture their attention, but the most captivating thing is when you’re feeling it too. My hometown, Haliburton, ON I think will always be my favorite spot to perform. There’s a strong sense of community that I took for granted growing up, and you can feel it from the moment you step out in front of these people. It’s really amazing.

Your sultry and alluring vocal sound is definitely a staple to your music, and an element your listeners expect to hear in each song. Would you say that your vocal abilities have taken time to craft, or has this element come naturally to you as an artist?

Thank you! I think my vocal style has been with me since day one and I’m still finding challenges in improving my technique without losing that quality in my sound. Though, I think it’s definitely improved with practice and attention to detail. I learned a lot from my vocal coach, Anna Mastin. She’s done a great job helping me keep the qualities of my voice but improving technique for longevity.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

You can most definitely expect more music releases! I’ve been working on my live show to make it more of a unique experience for the audience, too. I’m really looking forward to showing the world what’s been in the works!