Merlot Embargo Make Their Mark on Latest Release "One Day"

Cheerful, electronic pop synths fill your ears on Merlot Embargo's latest hit "One Day." It's a modern twist on an '80s soundscape, and lead singer Scarlet's rich voice generates a feeling of paradise. Merlot Embargo's beginnings had a dramatic start. After a nearly fatal car accident, husband and wife, Scarlet and Geoff managed to walk away unscathed from their mangled Toyota. Their brush with death awakened an untapped plethora of creativity, which pushed them to form a band, adding bassist Jeremey, drummer Lonn, and video game composers Dave and Ben to complete their sound.

"One Day" is a song that is chasing a feeling. Scarlet's delivery of unadorned sound can and will stop you cold, and the harmonization Geoff generates off of Scarlet's sultry tone is a cohesive blend of octaves. The instrumental break two minutes into the song showcases Geoff's fast guitar licks as they whale along to the synthesized melodies. "One Day's" sense of longing and exploration for something more is painted into the lyrics, verses like: "One day the fire is going to burn out, but we don't have to quit feeding the flame," "It's now or never, who we are is on the line," "All of my life I've been of looking back and watching everybody fade." We loved the invigorating aura listening to "One Day" gave us, and we think you are going feel the same.

Listen to "One Day" here.