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Michael It'z Takes Us to Nightclubs With His Sizzling Single, "Brixton"

Hailing from London UK, the ambient Producer and Creator Michael It'z releases a hefty groove with his kicking single, "Brixton."

Born in Italy and playing guitar since the age of 13, Michael delved into the world of electronic music creation at the mere age of 16. Moving to London in 2018 allowed It'z to expand his inspiration and grow even closer to thriving electronic music scenes.

His latest release, "Brixton" takes us straight to underground nightclubs in the vibrance of London's night. Deep and thumping kicks keep the track alive while distant ghost vocals add vast depth and texture. Michael It'z has crafted this banger with such precision and detail, as we're highly impressed with the dynamic sonic shifts within this 5-minute gem.

"Brixton" opens with surreal ambiance through incredibly arranged drum patterns and haunting ghost vocals bringing the track up to the heavens. The supporting synths and effects take a prominent role in the escalation of the song's vibe, as they create a certain distance where listeners can freely roam. With bright pads floating above the track, Michael It'z knows exactly how to add a flair of vibrance within his deeply textured production.

The mesmerizing soundscape provided with "Brixton" walks a thin line between mid-tempo trance and ambient house, and Michael It'z brings a laidback yet gripping atmosphere that keeps listeners locked in for more ambient grooves.

We're heavily enjoying the vibes you've delivered within your electronic and ambient single, "Brixton." What inspired the song's title, and how does it correlate with the track itself?

Thank you so much, I'm glad you like the track; well, for the title of the track I clearly took inspiration from the homonymous London Area, actually, there is no a real correlation between the track and the title, I used to live in Brixton the first year in London, that area is fascinating, I think it is not appreciated in the way it deserves, anyway, for the music that area is unbelievable, you can find the O2 Academy there, the dream of every musician.

When producing your track "Brixton," what sort of atmosphere did you want to deliver to listeners? What does your creative process look like when crafting a deep electronic track from scratch?

When I start to create a track I never think about the single, I always try to have an idea for an album, anyway, my music is unusual, is dark, deep, and surreal, and that's exactly what I want to get to the listener, for the track "Brixton" I used a lot of samples, for example, the sound of the underground in London, the recording of the first Satellite sent to the moon, people talking in the street in Piccadilly Circus, etc.. I used to have a lot of fun when I'm starting to make an album, and if you'll listen to my new album "Synthetica" you will notice it.

Do you usually create such ambient and groovy soundscapes? Where would you say your music lies within electronic's many sub-genres?

Yeah, I always try to give my music some melancholy touches, I think if I should label it with a genre would be in the middle between Ambient and Deep Techno, then is depends, I just make the music and I don't mind telling which kind of music is, but I really care about make something artistic and with a meaning.

How has moving to London helped your music creation? Do you feel that living in a lively electronic music scene like London has brought you closer to your craft?

I think you don't need any reply for this, I used to live in "Valledoria" (Sardinia) a small city with 4000 people, London is artistically massive, a lot of artists, a lot of music, but more than everything, here in the UK there is an amazing history of music, from the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, etc.. we can stay here to talk for a long time. For myself, an inspiration from when I was 13, I think was my fate, London is wonderful, is under my skin.

What has been your biggest inspiration while creating new music this year? 

Before a musician, I'm a music Lover, this year like every past year I listened to a load of music, but I think the inspiration for my new album is arrived for the album OK Computer by Radiohead, I listened to that album like 100 times this year. What a gem. It's thanks to Radiohead and Thom Yorke that I started to produce electronic music but after this, the inspiration is always in my mind.


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