Michelle Ariane's Massive New Tune "Lost in the Dark" Shines a Light in Our Lives

Michelle Ariane is a multi-genre singer-songwriter who has studied music all over the world. Her sound fuses across multiple genres that include jazz, soul, blues, pop, and rock in an expertly crafted manner that keeps the music interesting from start to end. She studied at the LA College of Music and was mentored by industry legend Tierney Sutton. Michelle's upcoming album 'Bridge The Great Divide' was expertly backed by an international Kickstarter campaign and features the single "Lost in the Dark". The song was produced and mixed by legendary engineer Marc Lacuesta and was mastered by the Nashville favorite Harold LaRue.

"Lost in the Dark" is a massive sounding tune, that beautifully transforms throughout the song. The song opens up with its explosive drums, iconic guitar strums, and Michelle's gorgeous vocals. The songwriting and production of the song is master-crafted to suite the story while giving space for Michelle's vocals to breathe and deliver her emotional performance. Her multi-genre style comes through cleanly in "Lost in the Dark", with its rock/soul like drums and guitar, the bluesy background vocals, and the modern pop production; "Lost in the Dark" is a bold single to come off of Michelle's upcoming album and we cannot wait to hear what else she has for everyone to hear.

Listen to "Lost in the Dark" here.