ML Is Truly A Force To Be Reckoned With

ML is truly a force to be reckoned with. After spending years managing some of the biggest Namibian musicians and featuring in a song by hip hop/kwaito artist Exit, ML knew it was her time to be in the spotlight. And boy was she right. ML released her debut album in 2018 and has been pumping out hits since. 

Now, with 2 albums as well as numerous singles and features under her belt, this lyrical MC has just dropped a new single and music video for her song Ndota. Like many of her other hits, Ndota sends a powerful message matched with a banging beat that’s got us dancing. Ndota is named after the traditional African counting game of the same name and brings a sense of playfulness and charm to the song. It connects the music video masterfully to this hip hop track. With such great conviction, ML spreads her message of love and calls for freedom as she counts off with the drums providing an uplifting tempo. This rhythmic sound accompanied by Namibian flair provides a great soundtrack to the video. On top of all that, the flawless dancers, the imagery of Ndota, the slick edits to the video itself, and the queen that is ML all come together and truly make this release badass. We are so glad to see ML stands tall in a genre that is so often dominated by men.

Please support this inspiration and show her much love! You can check out Ndota by ML here

ML! We’re so happy to welcome you to BuzzMusic! We wanted to start by saying that we love your song, Ndota, and everything you stand for as a musician! Could you tell us more about what Ndota, your new single, means to you?

Ndota is really a fun light song I decided to do to make my fans dance a bit.  Ndota is a traditional arithmetic game we grew up playing in the village. It is played by two people or more and it involves a total of 12 hard marbles like, which you place in a hole (not too deep and not too shallow) then you pick one marble while throwing a ball like in the air. So to keep playing you need to take out the right number of marbles each throw while not letting the small ball fall from your hands. So you throw, you pick one, you throw you take it back, you throw pick two you throw you put back…..until you pick all 12 and put them back. Then you move to level 2 you start with 2 and so on. So it requires skills and patience and that’s exactly what the message in my song brings out.  I sing saying: " My Generation, smooth seas don't make skillful sailors” reminding them that you need the ups and downs in life to make you strong and nothing comes easy. Basically in a fun dance mood that’s what Ndota means to me. 

Your songs have such great meaning behind them, what influences you to address so many major issues when crafting your music?

I am inspired by my reality.  I work and relate with people from all walks of life and this inspires me to write relatable music. I guess I’m a bit deep and my lyrics come from a deep passionate point. When I get into the studio, I naturally just start writing and this most times I struggle to explain.


As you are a huge believer in love and freedom, what kind of advice would you give to today’s youth who feel helpless?

The young people must understand that no one will come to do things for them. They have to fight for what they believe in. Things change over time and each generation should be at the forefront of what they want to change for their generation.  Of course, empowerment is important and this mostly comes from eduction. So young people should take education seriously if they want personal freedom.  

What's next for you ML? Are there more albums or singles on the way?

I’m working on my 3rd studio album.  On this project, I want to collaborate more with other African artists on the continent. 

In Ndota, you sing about wanting Bonang to hear your music! We have to know, what would you do if she responded – or has she already?

Wow, if Bonang responds to my music I wouldn’t know how to act. She’s currently one the African Influencers I follow and I’m inspired by her entrepreneurial skills.  As someone passionate about enterprise development, I love that she’s pioneering being a young African mogul.  It will be a dream come true for Bonang to hear my music. The song has unfortunately not reached her yet.