Music Video: Ayla Ray Brings a Full Experience to Our Hearts with Latest Video “Liquor Witch”

Straight out of Portland, Oregon comes indie rock and roll band, Ayla Ray! The collective of Alaskan hometown friends features, lead singer/ songwriter Sam Tenhoff, bassist Raven Liss, guitarist Brandon Shaw, Keys, and soundscape synthesis, Minoka Kaizaki, and drummer, Tobin Tanner. Sam and Raven go way back, first meeting in elementary school. The duo grew as friends and bandmates to create a sick rock and roll sound with undertones of electronic, indie, folk and soul styles. They strive to bend genres and create a full dance experience with their high energy music collaborative use of artful stage props and lighting. The band recently released their debut album and we got a chance to check out their music video release for their single 'Liquor Witch".

“Liquor Witch” debuted today on YouTube and it's is full of life video that had us bumping right out of our seats within 10 seconds of watching! The band has found a similar sound to bands such as The Killers, Arkells, and a dash of The Black Keys. Throughout the entire video, the vocalist displays a unique sense of gentle and softness in his voice which is very alluring and leaves your ears craving for more.

"Liquor Witch" describes a young man and woman in love, enjoying their time with one another no matter what their daily life circumstances are. The young man in the video wakes up one morning in a dumpster (Suggesting he lives in the dumpster). He goes to his friend's house to borrow clothing and to 'clean up' his appearance before meeting the woman of his dreams for a date. He 'glams' up, she 'glams' up, they meet and realize there's more to love than meets the eye. Their personalities connect perfectly and both of them enjoy an evening of laughing, eating, drinking and companionship. The video ends with both of them waking up in the dumpster the next morning, still smiling and enjoying each other's company. This is a mental peace of mind for anyone who's going through a personal challenge. The message here is strong and we're living for it. It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, what you have done etc. Love is love. Love is happiness. Watch "Liquor Witch" below!

Hi Ayla Ray and welcome to BuzzMusic! Tell us how did the two of you come up with the name Ayla Ray?