Nari Dela Rosa Delivers A Masterful Single With Poetically Driven Lyrics, “Want That”

Nari Dela Rosa. Get used to the name because you’ll be hearing more from her after she releases her intricate and complex single, “Want That”.  “Want That” is a playful single with its contextual elements in the instrumentation. Nari Dela Rosa gives us a detailed sense of wordplay, allowing our imagination to roam while listening to the song. We love the different components to “Want That” which makes this song what it has become. Beginning with the production, “Want That” has a jazzy vibe that fuses with lo-fi elements and a more trendy refreshing twist. It is not only relaxing but scenic and lush. Nari Dela Rosa’s vocal resonance is top-flight and reliable with her eclectic energy. “Want That” was limitless as well as mystical. It has this suspenseful aura that intrigues us.

“Want That” is the perfect song we can add to our playlist when we seek an imaginative musical experience. Nari Dela Rosa gives you a visionary lyrical description of love. She is an incredible new artist. Her unique sound keeps you captivated while the lyrics provide a story to follow.

Listen to “Want That” by Nari Dela Rosa here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Nari Dela Rosa! Three years ago you released your debut single titled “Summer’s Day”. In what ways have your sound and artistry evolved since then? Did you experiment with any new components in “Want That”?

Hey guys! Thank you for having me, its a pleasure. I have definitely learned and studied my craft a lot deeper t