Nari Dela Rosa Delivers A Masterful Single With Poetically Driven Lyrics, “Want That”

Nari Dela Rosa. Get used to the name because you’ll be hearing more from her after she releases her intricate and complex single, “Want That”.  “Want That” is a playful single with its contextual elements in the instrumentation. Nari Dela Rosa gives us a detailed sense of wordplay, allowing our imagination to roam while listening to the song. We love the different components to “Want That” which makes this song what it has become. Beginning with the production, “Want That” has a jazzy vibe that fuses with lo-fi elements and a more trendy refreshing twist. It is not only relaxing but scenic and lush. Nari Dela Rosa’s vocal resonance is top-flight and reliable with her eclectic energy. “Want That” was limitless as well as mystical. It has this suspenseful aura that intrigues us.

“Want That” is the perfect song we can add to our playlist when we seek an imaginative musical experience. Nari Dela Rosa gives you a visionary lyrical description of love. She is an incredible new artist. Her unique sound keeps you captivated while the lyrics provide a story to follow.

Listen to “Want That” by Nari Dela Rosa here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Nari Dela Rosa! Three years ago you released your debut single titled “Summer’s Day”. In what ways have your sound and artistry evolved since then? Did you experiment with any new components in “Want That”?

Hey guys! Thank you for having me, its a pleasure. I have definitely learned and studied my craft a lot deeper than when I released 'summers day'. I took the time to really learn what my sound is, my writing style along with adding layers to my sound such as harmonies and riffing. When it came to writing 'want that' I wanted to create a melodic intimate vibe something that was completely opposite to summer's day. I was learning my voice more and more during that time so I wanted to challenge my self a little more and really convey the emotion I was feeling when writing it.

“Want That “ was a lyrically poetic track that we really appreciated. Can you detail to us the vision you had for this single and the theme you were aiming for? 

The vision I had when I writing 'want that' was definitely love. I was in the beginnings of a romantic relationship so I am falling in love hard and that is the type of emotion I wanted to convey. When people listen to that song I wanted it to take them to a place of love with that special person in your life whether it was past, present, or future love. The muse for that song is actually my fiance now so that song will always hold a special place in my heart.

How did you create the perfect environment for you to write “Want That”? Did you have any specific songwriting approaches to this single? 

Honestly, I can adapt myself to any environment that I am in and just write so I can't say there was a specific environment in writing this song. I went to my producer's apartment and as he was making the beat I was writing to the song, to date that is the quickest song I had written within one session. My approach in writing this song was poetic so its funny that you guys picked up on that. That is how I approach all of my songs, I love to write and when I finally gave myself a chance in music I was like “wow I can put my poems to music and make people feel something in their soul for a living, this is amazing!!”

You have an individual style that intrigued us while listening to “Want That”. Are there any artists you would consider as influences or inspirations for you?

Thank you for that, I try to think out of the box and show my individuality through my music. Aaliyah is my number one influence/inspiration due to the fact that still to this day no one has been able to recreate her sound or her style. Not that anyone would ever really try because everyone is different but I can honestly say no one has ever done it like her. Her voice and figure remind me a lot of mines, she has a crooner type of voice so you don't expect the high notes that she would put in her songs and that gives me the inspiration to take my vocals even further than I have in my previous work. Rihanna is another artist I really admire simply because she is so herself without caring what people think, along with the fact that she is a fellow islander such as myself and if she made it so can I. We need more island girl musicians in the music industry.

What can we expect to see from Nari Dela Rosa throughout 2020?

2020 will be the year of Nari so you will be hearing new music from me. I will be releasing a single in the springtime along with the release of my second EP later this year. Long story short you should be expecting music, music, and more music. I am excited for what this year has to bring creatively for me, bring it on! I am ready for the world to really get to know who Nari is.