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Natalia Chai Illuminates Levels Of Depth Within Her Music

Calgary's very own Natalia Chai takes her classically trained techniques to the next level as her R&B stylings produce "Not One Of Many." Delving into an impactful amount of soul that speaks into our lives, a personal experience inspired the profound levels of faith, love, and trust unraveled in her latest single as a narrative fixated on obtaining that depth throughout relationships is unlocked.

Natalia Chai's music career is known to play into infectious grooves that inspire her listeners as she remains connected with them through the melodies she creates. Evoking powerful emotion through her inimitable sounds heard in this latest sonic offering, Natalia Chai elevates the essence of her being, along with ours. Only four years into the music industry, Natalia Chai cuts through levels meant to inspire courage and the will to fight for the true love, respect, and joy we all deserve.

Be sure to check out the exclusive BuzzMusic interview here.


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