NateThePrnce Creates a Hype Energy With New Single “No Janitor”

Budding rapper Nathaniel, who creates music under the stage name NateThePrnce, was born in Mississauga and raised in Brampton, Ontario. He discovered his passion for music very young and entered the game by freestyling to his favorite songs on YouTube. After realizing his true rapping talents, he decided to pursue his dreams of becoming an artist. NateThePrnce hopes that his fans experience as much pleasure listening to his songs as he has created them. His most recent single, “No Janitor,” gets straight to the point and avoids a time-consuming introduction for the song. NateThePrcne immediately tells his fans what they can expect from the track in the first few moments. There is a catchy melody that repeats as the background music and is paired with an 808 trap beat. NateThePrnce creates a chill vibe with “No Janitor” by holding back his intensity with his rapping. His deep voice sounds laid back and relaxed throughout the whole song. Lyrically, NateThePrnce creates an energy that will excite the listener up and emit feelings of power – and many of these types of phrases in the form of basketball references. NateThePrnce’s lyrical self-confidence in his new single “No Janitor,” is merely contagious.

You can find "No Janitor" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic NateThePrnce! Your new single “No Janitor” is both laid back and catchy. Can you tell us about the meaning behind your lyrics?

The meaning behind my lyrics was basically me trying to sauce it up, as soon as I heard the beat I knew how I wanted to approach the song, and I feel like I executed my plan very well. I had fun making this song and as a songwriter who writes all his stuff it didn’t take long for me to finish writing to it.

Can you tell us about the entire creative process of “No Janitor?”

For the creative process I went through my regular process of just freestyling to it and whatever stuck with me within the first line I would create the song around that, I wanted to add some basketball references and one that I think might’ve went over the listeners heads is when I said “Blazing on the trail got me feeling like I’m B. Roy” as he was one of the best players in the league at one point who played for the Portland Trailblazers, so when I said that and made that connection I was like yea that’s hard lol.  Everything else after that was just me finding ways to connect to the next bar in a way that when you hear the song it sticks with you.  I can’t forget to talk about the song title.  When it comes to titles of my tracks I go based off my hook, so at the ending of my hook when I say “Sweep you with the broom but no I am not a janitor” I was like yes “No Janitor” is the title for the song which just so happens to refer to another thing basketball-related, because around Playoff time if a team loses 4-0 it means they get swept but by me saying I’m sweeping you, in this case, it means I beat you every time not me cleaning up any actual mess. 

Your stage name NateThePrnce emits a sense of power similar to your single “No Janitor.” Why did you choose this name, and how does it represent your style as an artist?

I chose the name NateThePrnce because while growing up my favorite show was “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and Will Smith was and is a person I look up to so I took prince from that but took out the “I” as I felt it looked better without it there and it was something different, as long as you understand what I’m saying that’s what matters, it’s not because I don’t know how to spell lol.  But yes my artist name represents my style because when you hear it you think of positivity, something of high status and I like to lift myself up as I know what I’m capable of when it comes to my music.

You used a variety of basketball references in your lyrics including “shattered glass call me Shaq with the backboard.” Why did you choose to include these types of references?

Back to the basketball references, I like it!  So probably my favorite line of the song which just so happens to be the first thing I say in the song “Shatter glass call me Shaq with the backboard” I chose to include that because it represents dominance, the ability to take control of whatever is you’re doing, even when I say that I picture how he brought down the rim which shows you that he not someone to play with he’s a serious guy. And I like to bring that force and make my presence felt. 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Throughout the rest of 2020 you can expect visuals to “No Janitor” which is coming soon.  You can also expect an EP from me coming this Summer!  With that being said I hope everyone is staying safe as we go through these different times together. Just keeping positive and thank you!