NEW ALBUM ALERT: Composer Nadeem Majdalany Releases Dynamic Album "Phoenix of Atlantis"

Composer and conductor Nadeem Majdalany takes contemporary Western classical music, and curates his own sense of instrumental music, creating his newest album "Phoenix of Atlantis". Nadeem's music will give listeners a sense of serenity, incorporating a mixture of sounds that can be relaxing, combative, lethargic and eccentric. With Nadeem's composures, you will undoubtedly be revealed to a type of ambiance you have never encountered. Nadeem starts off "Phoenix of Atlantis" with track "29.5 Days" which puts the listener into a soothing trance. The guitar riffs are piercing, yet absolutely alluring. Nadeem is able to create the type of environment that is filled with emotion and energy. The track goes on to unveil a series of instrumental sounds that pair well with the predominant use of guitar. All instrumental music has a certain type of element listeners look and feel for--Nadeem captured this exact feeling of robust alertness in his track, and intertwined a sense of tranquility. "29.5 Days" was the precise track you would want starting this instrumental album off, and Nadeem only continues to impress us as "Phoenix of Atlantis" goes on.

Finally after the serene track "29.5 Days" we are introduced to "The World Tree". This track encompasses use of the harp, intertwined with predominant clarinet sounds. "The World Tree" definitely follows a more daunting and aggressive theme--the use of the trombone intensifies the melody, and will get your heart racing! We felt a complete mood switch from "29.5 Days" to this track, as we move from that more relaxed environment, to a robust and eccentric atmosphere in "The World Tree". "Churning of the Ocean of Milk" also integrates that mysterious and haunting harmony with its use of drum, but also encapsulates an angelic feel with the light use of harp and flute. We feel incredibly care-free with this track, and the emotions it is able to embody with the use of instruments. At some points throughout the Nadeem's creation, we receive flamboyant and sinister tunes--two types of tone you wouldn't expect to see blended with one another, but once they are, you'll wonder why they aren't more often!

"Drinks at the Cat's Eye Nebula" presents a more sultry, jazz-like feel to the album. The melodies that have been unified in this song are absolutely perfect. The blend of trumpet, with forceful sounds from the trombone and saxophone is what gives the song that alluring feel. "Drinks at the Cat's Eye Nebula" definitely isn't the track to help calm you down, it's the track that will make you feel alive and awake! With the more fast-paced tone, we didn't feel as if we lacked any energy with Nadeem's curation.

As we move on to the next track in the album, our hearts immediately fall in love when we hear the sweet and innocent sound of the piano. Yet, Nadeem doesn't allow much innocence into this song, as he intertwines playful piano notes with a more mature sound in "Seven Deadly Sins Suite". Being the longest track throughout the album, "Seven Deadly Sins Suite" takes you on a sixteen minute journey into an ambiguous and charming world. We're taken away by the various integrated sounds and melodies in this track, as it's extremely integrative with the best sounding notes on the piano. Nadeem's potent use of piano in "Seven Deadly Sins Suite" is what takes the listener on that next-level experience. We're receiving all sorts of atmospheres with this track off of Nadeem's album "Phoenix of Atlantis", which makes it the most dynamic track from the album, in our opinion. Yet, Nadeem's dynamic talent doesn't fall short with this composite, as the journey continues with his next track: "Phoenix of Atlantis". 

"Phoenix of Atlantis" makes beautiful use of the solo cello to curate that crisp and precise sound cello fans are quite accustomed to. "Phoenix of Atlantis" is both energetic at some intervals, yet melancholic at others. You will feel sorrow, pain, excitement and confusion with this track. And that's what we love the most--the fact that we weren't sure what to expect throughout the majority of "Phoenix of Atlantis". We love an instrumental track that is vague in its execution, keeping listeners on their toes with what types of sounds will be combined next. "1089" follows that same wave of ambiguity. "1089" is a track that makes interesting use of the xylophone, which added a more lively and entertaining element to the song. For the first time throughout the album, we receive faint vocals within this track, that give it a more eerie and memorable feel. 

"The Library of Morpheus" is another track off of Nadeem's album that majorly incorporates the piano. We practically fall in love with any composure that includes the use of piano. Piano lovers out there can agree that when the use of piano in instrumental tracks is executed well, it makes the sound amplify in all sorts of ways. Nadeem does exactly that with "The Library of Morpheus", and we couldn't be any more intrigued through his compelling and effective use of such a complex instrument. 

Nadeem's next track is something you need to prepare yourself for! Get ready to be besieged by Nadeem's "Habakrem", which makes use of daunting vocalism which will surely hit deep within any listener. "Habakrem" is definitively the most intriguing composite to Nadeem's "Phoenix of Atlantis". Vocalism includes opposite sides of the harmony spectrum, which is why the song is probably so momentous! The album continues to present "Eleven Fold Labyrinth", bringing us back to that earthy and serene feel. The type of sound you want to hear on a rainy day is Nadeem's "Eleven Fold Labyrinth", without a doubt. This is the type of composure that is short, but sweet. Although we wish we could have received more of this type of sound, Nadeem keeps us wanting more and more from his artistic capabilities. 

"Merlin's Ladder" finishes off Nadeem's album, setting that medieval-like atmosphere to the audience. We feel incredibly curious when giving a listen to this track, as the sounds continue to get more mysterious and enthralling. Maintaining soft tones near the beginning, and quickly going into a more hard-hitting execution, Nadeem knows how to contrast his composures with grace. Soon, we're introduced back into the violin, which sets the song up for that uncanny and remarkable sound we've now been accustomed to throughout "Phoenix of Atlantis". Nadeem's album wasn't one to disappoint, and if any of our BuzzMusic listeners are in need of a phenomenal instrumental soundtrack, "Phoenix of Atlantis" is the one album that needs your attention right away!

Enter a surreal experience with the musical offerings of Nadeem here, and continue reading for our exclusive interview with artist Nadeem Majdalany!

Hi Nadeem! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Please introduce yourself to our readers! 

Thank you Buzz Music for having me, I’m Nadeem Majdalany and I’m a composer and conductor here in Los Angeles. My journey through music started from a young age. I was composing and writing songs before fully being able to play the piano. I would take piano lessons and maybe about a few weeks in I started to receive vivid images while playing music. I wasn’t very good yet and didn’t know how to notate well however there I was sitting at the piano and writing giant oversized noteheads into my own handwritten staff paper. Most of my childhood compositions involved place for example: "the desert", "the beach" or "among the stars”. As a teen I fully committed myself to being a musician and wanted to experience everything music had to offer from rock n roll to jazz to avant garde music. I was accepted into the prestigious Berklee College of Music where I got to experience an even more in depth world. At the young age of 20 I stepped on the podium as a professional conductor with the Athens Symphony Orchestra in Greece where my love and passion for conducting took on a whole new life within me. I would say taking in all this experience mixing it with the professional real world and a few ups and downs, twists and turns have shaped me into the consummate professional musician I am today. 

What kind of feeling do you want to instill in your listeners when they're listening to your music?

As a listener, when you sit down to digest the album "Phoenix of Atlantis”, I want to curate an aural journey for the audience through different levels of time and space. Even though we are physically listening to composed music, absorbed via invisible waves I want to transport the listener physically. Having the sonic elements materialize within their being, firing off different memories and connecting elements between a metaphysical realm and our own humanity.  


What is your personal favorite track off of your album "Phoenix of Atlantis"?

Its so difficult to lock down one track on the album as being my favorite. Each track as such a deep personal connection, story and experience to me but I would say if I absolutely had to pick one it would be the title track “Phoenix of Atlantis” There are two elements at play in this track from my life. When my wife was pregnant with our child she had a miscarriage at 10 weeks and we were devastated. It was such a sad and traumatic experience we went through. Things were no longer as joyful as they once were but after another 10 weeks we noticed she hadn’t gone through the changes the doctor said she would so we went back for a check and our little baby was still in there growing. A healthy 20 week old baby. This beautiful miracle stayed with us! She was pregnant with twins and we lost one but the other rose from up from that day. Simultaneously, during that time I had been experiencing some very vivid dreams in underwater cities and witnessing a story unfold night after night and revisiting these places in my dreams. There were chambers of fire and the water was breathable. So the track is a musical amalgamation of both elements as well as a reflection on the future of our own existence. 

What is your most profound influence when curating your pieces?

There are a lot of influences at play when I’m composing my music. There is a fine line between inspiration and intellectual design that I walk. And there is a mysterious third element that I haven’t really put a finger on yet but I would go as far as to suggest some kind of divine influence working its way through my pen. This is where people either tune out or tune in. There are different accessible divine realms I’ve been traveling in and out of and many messages either from tones or lyrical content have come from voices speaking to me. I have a very analog approach to composing. I’ve got lots of paper, pencils, sharpeners, pens and pads laying around. My hand writes at a ridiculous chicken scratch speed that it's impossible for me to use a computer or electronic means of composing. The album Phoenix of Atlantis was a magical and unique experience with composing. The entire album was composed in three weeks and the design within the compositional elements was crafted so specifically. I would receive messages and more messages through my wife (she has no music background) guiding the elements from instrumentation to tones and colors from space. I’ve always had a unique ability that I’ve never full allowed to develop and would try to suppress it, but within the last year I’ve been working on manifesting it to a higher level and have been receiving more messages. There was a piece I was working on and for three days I was stuck with the most horrific writers block and this bird was chirping non-stop at all hours of the day and night. I shouted at the bird in frustration, “What the hell do you want? Why don’t you shut up?…. What is it you want, you want to be in the score?? “ I then transcribed the pitches and rhythm the bird was chirping and it disappeared. I ran outside to see where the bird went, but it never came back. I walked back to my sheet music and looked at what I had just written and everything just flowed right out of me onto the page from that point on. Working on this album was such a gift and refreshing breath of musical inspiration because my normal day to day composition revolves around film scoring, songwriting and addressing background music for reality tv shows. I think in order to really curate one’s music, be a composer and an artist you must be able to really try to tap into the place between where we are now and were we want to be.

Are there any curations from yourself planning to be released in the near future?

Since we finished the album I’ve been getting more and more sonic material, themes and harmonic ideas that will craft my next album. I’ll definitely be releasing a second follow up to Phoenix of Atlantis but right now I’m focusing back on the film scoring and songwriting so you can hear my songs and scores coming up! I want to mention two people who are amazing pillars for this album, Phoenix of Atlantis. The first being my wife, without her love and support and divine connection I don’t think the album would have taken the shape it has and the story flow in the way it currently does. I also want to mention David Davis. This amazing individual came into this project, "Phoenix of Atlantis” full standing by and supporting the music and passion. He’s got such a great ear for understanding music context and color in production and was able to really make the natural composition happen on this record. It's amazing how he is able to work in so many music mediums and always deliver a consistent brand of excellence. 


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