NEW ALBUM ALERT: Composer Nadeem Majdalany Releases Dynamic Album "Phoenix of Atlantis"

Composer and conductor Nadeem Majdalany takes contemporary Western classical music, and curates his own sense of instrumental music, creating his newest album "Phoenix of Atlantis". Nadeem's music will give listeners a sense of serenity, incorporating a mixture of sounds that can be relaxing, combative, lethargic and eccentric. With Nadeem's composures, you will undoubtedly be revealed to a type of ambiance you have never encountered. Nadeem starts off "Phoenix of Atlantis" with track "29.5 Days" which puts the listener into a soothing trance. The guitar riffs are piercing, yet absolutely alluring. Nadeem is able to create the type of environment that is filled with emotion and energy. The track goes on to unveil a series of instrumental sounds that pair well with the predominant use of guitar. All instrumental music has a certain type of element listeners look and feel for--Nadeem captured this exact feeling of robust alertness in his track, and intertwined a sense of tranquility. "29.5 Days" was the precise track you would want starting this instrumental album off, and Nadeem only continues to impress us as "Phoenix of Atlantis" goes on.

Finally after the serene track "29.5 Days" we are introduced to "The World Tree". This track encompasses use of the harp, intertwined with predominant clarinet sounds. "The World Tree" definitely follows a more daunting and aggressive theme--the use of the trombone intensifies the melody, and will get your heart racing! We felt a complete mood switch from "29.5 Days" to this track, as we move from that more relaxed environment, to a robust and eccentric atmosphere in "The World Tree". "Churning of the Ocean of Milk" also integrates that mysterious and haunting harmony with its use of drum, but also encapsulates an angelic feel with the light use of harp and flute. We feel incredibly care-free with this track, and the emotions it is able to embody with the use of instruments. At some points throughout the Nadeem's creation, we receive flamboyant and sinister tunes--two types of tone you wouldn't expect to see blended with one another, but once they are, you'll wonder why they aren't more often!

"Drinks at the Cat's Eye Nebula" presents a more sultry, jazz-like feel to the album. The melodies that have been unified in this song are absolutely perfect. The blend of trumpet, with forceful sounds from the trombone and saxophone is what gives the song that alluring feel. "Drinks at the Cat's Eye Nebula" definitely isn't the track to help calm you down, it's the track that will make you feel alive and awake! With the more fast-paced tone, we didn't feel as if we lacked any energy with Nadeem's curation.