New Album Release 'Audio Drugz Collective Take One, Vol. 1.2,' T.H.P.D Opens Doors to Any Emotion

Twin artists Christopher and Anthony Ward are a versatile, dynamic duo who are eager to share their new album 'Audio Drugz Collective Take One, Vol. 1.2.' The duo, who produces music under the name T.H.P.D, is educated in the art of music production. They first realized their place in the industry when they began their musical careers as beatboxers. T.H.P.D had a charismatic flow with their beets that rap artists couldn't help but fall in love with. They trained under their old musical friend NOIR, where they learned the ins and outs of the music industry – and the music itself. T.H.P.D now specializes in instrumental music but refuses to limit themselves to one genre. Their music encompasses aspects of hip-hop, R&B, EDM, deep house, deep dance, orchestra, funk, Latin and African music. Their strength as artists comes from their openness to any music.

'Audio Drugz Collective Take One, Vol. 1.2' consists of ten highly instrumental songs. This album may seem strange to music lovers at first glance but put into the perspective of drugs - in relation to its title. The idea that the album is a "drugs collective" fills it with wonder and mystery, leaving everything to the imagination. Could the diversity of each song represent a different drug? A different mindset? The beauty of 'Audio Drugz Collective Take One, Vol. 1.2' lies in the fact that T.H.P.D allows each song to become whatever you want it to be.

If listeners go through the album in order, they will be taken along a journey of ups and downs. The album itself builds to a climax (a song called "The Climazx") and then dissipates, just like a song… and just like a high. T.H.P.D starts off gentle with "Take One." The song is electronic and futuristic, but its mellow vibes bring a taste of classical and jazz all at once. The instrumental tone changes often, but always remains casual. The next track, "Mezmero" takes a more aggressive stance. Its sparse, muffled vocals shouting the word "mezmero" are animalistic. The intense style of the song stands out because of its original and repetitive percussion sounds. Next, "Groove Toss" will bring the energy level back down with its catchy melody. The vocals are robotic and repetitive, but the lyrics are welcoming. As if the album is following a dynamic pattern, the next track opens with a hard-hitting beat. "Mega Drugz" will transport the listener into another dimension. Its quick-paced rhythm will have you in a trance, picturing a bright-colored swirling illusion.

"Take Two" is precisely what is expected. It is its brother, "Take One," times two! The ingredients are the same, but each flavor seems to be a little bit stronger. With a higher intensity level, "Take Two" is a sign that the album is building. Following "Take Two," the song "Sfh" is a wrestle between moods. There is an aggressive side and a tender side – as if you have an angel and a devil on your shoulders fighting for control. The track could genuinely be described as stressful, but there is no better song to precede "Feelings of Euphoria." Taking a full 180, "Feelings of Euphoria" highlights the warmth and vibrancy of T.H.P.D's music. This song seems to represent the beauty of a happy mindset.

The next track, "Outta This World" is lighthearted and straightforward. It's unique sounds almost encourage your mind to wander randomly. Listeners will hear this song and feel like they are floating. Soon to follow is the peak of the album – "The Climazx." Its energy is intense and important. The song keeps you listening because you'll feel like you need to. "The Climazx" seems to use an edging technique until it reaches its tone. In an unexpected twist, the climax is not a base drop – but a feeling of serenity and tranquillity. Finally, "Transition Station" is the ideal song, to sum up, the album. T.H.P.D seemed to encompass the beauty, the ups and downs, and the musical movements of each track all wrapped into one. Each song allows flexibility for listeners; whether you are a drug user or not, the songs are best enjoyed from a relaxing state with no inhibitions – whatever that means to you. With "Audio Drugz Collective Take One, Vol. 1.2," T.H.P.D allows you to take a more in-depth look at how you are feeling in this state.

Listen to T.H.P.D's album here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic T.H.P.D! With your new album “Audio Drugz Collective Take One, Vol. 1.2,” you have certainly given listeners something they have never heard before! More importantly, you gave us something to think about. How does the name of the album represent its songs and the stories they tell?

First and foremost, thank you for accepting our submission to buzz music it means a lot to the independent artist that we have a platform to share our music for the community of the world to hear. Number two, when we did a lot of music testing we wanted to make sure our vibes and sounds showed up as different not the usual music that people hear on a daily basis. At the time when we released this first volume we thought about one thing and one thing only, how are we going to get people addicted to this sound and how are we going to keep them. ADC or how we used to be called the audio drugz collective we may be subject to change the name but our purpose is to get people addicted to different sounds that we can use from basic sounds to characterize them and get them engineered to keep people hooked into the loops of our music. These particular songs represent how we really feel about most creatives telling people they do more than one genre of music. We are showing people we are capable of more than one genre of music. It keeps the mind busy trying to understand our vibrate frequency. We care mostly about did we catch your interest. Did we hook you in? Last but not least how long can we keep you hooked into this kind of music and vibes we are creating for the people? The stories of the music tell about how to keep a positive head in your everyday grind and how to stay groovy. "mezmero" was a song created by a challenge my brother gave me to just work with a base beat and one instrument. Quite challenging at the time I couldn't get the name of spiderman's enemy right so I came up with this persona mezmero the purpose of keeping you mesmerized and pumped up and dancing. Man, that's quite a track we made there. But however, this will be our 2nd mix-tape release since the world beats collection. Our 3rd album the GOJ is coming out on July 23rd just like every major album it always streams on the 23 because that is the day of our birth. And its a gift to the world for the creations of music we do.

Although your songs do not have explicit lyrics, they surely tell a story. Can you describe the story that your album tells and the story of some of the songs?

You are right our biggest thing is to show people we are educated and not just working lyrics with cursing in it. Sometimes when you get on the mic you go pretty hard so in one sentence imma summarize each song and what kind of story it shares.

Vol 1 ADC 

Take one: that song was an introduction to chilling people out while using vocal patterns to keep your mind in a relaxed state.

Mezmero: A simple story of how to keep people mesmerized in a drum pattern challenged with just one instrument heavy bass. We thought of jimmy hendrix when it came to this track and well mezmeros purpose is to keep you hooked and release a lot of anger that resided in your head. Scream it out and show the world you have pain your only human.

Groove toss: The story of how working hard pays off and it becomes easier the more you work on the craft in this crazed out media world. Also, I'm here to share the pain with others that it's not always a hard grind.

Mega Drugz: We thought of some serious video game jazz-based vibes on that one. That one was what you call like an old school, neo aged track. Brings in the addictive nature of the audio you want to keep listening to it over and over again.

Vol 2

Take 2: Honestly, when we came up with that concept it is what you would call a tech/deep house chill groove vibe. Great for drinking and getting loose or being at home with the missus and well "magic happens" mostly a love vibe based track or what you call universal deep tech house track. Makes you feel you just entered another world.

Feelings of Euphoria: Man what can I say about this track. I had the most fun with that one enough said.

Outta this world: When we both created this track only 3 were just created by one twin brother but the rest was created by both of us. To continue outta this world is a track well its how you would say your mind just took off somewhere. And it's like a catch 22 to bring your mind back in once your done pausing from this world listening to this track. If that sorta makes sense.

SFH (SOOOO F&*king High): Basically a bruce loko based house track where we capture the feeling of being extremely high from marijuana and putting together this track using the midi sound. Simple straight to the point. And it builds the high so far outta space that it makes you go back to outta this world and listen again another catch 22 track. How can we keep you from not being that stoned out of your mind? Lol best weed smoking track ever.

The Climazx: Well the story of that track is well uhm sounds that are having sex with each other. Basically used for the magical supreme amount of sex in the bedroom. That is what that sound is there for. it's like that intense super f*&king but without lyrics in it the sounds goes into the couple's minds and well you know from one point to another. Magic in the bedroom based track.

Transition Station: Heavy track is basically the choice of where the next sound is going to take us. As we transition from our old patterns of ways and showing new ways and patterns of how music should ascend. I took the time personally to get people to sit in the music train station and made them think about the sounds and how it feels. This is just the icing on the cake once the whole layer of cake was put together. Transition station is the transition of looking for the next big sound as we continue to explore this world of music.

Could you describe your collaboration processes together to create your music as twin brothers?

As me and my twin brother collaborated to make such a sound I mostly start off the drumming sessions as my brother builds the backbone of this music. As it continues our skills become better over time. We both focus on the feeling and what it means sometimes we start off with the music being built then the beat than vice versa. We use a lot of beat packs and stock sounds to convey the message we are creating. Which I can say our mixes always turn out different because we both always aim to not be consistent in the sound process we create. So both of us build these mixes off of feeling instead of being technical.

The song “Sfh” seemed to stand out to us because of its wrestle between tones. Can you tell us more about what this song represents? What does the name “Sfh” mean?

SFH (SOOOO F*&king High): Basically a bruce loko based house track where we capture the feeling of being extremely high from marijuana. And putting together this track using the midi sound. Simple straight to the point and it builds the high soo far outta space that it makes you go back to outta this world and listen again another catch 22 track. How can we keep you from not being that stoned out of your mind? Lol best weed smoking track ever. But this particular house sound that we created we were heavily inspired by bruce loko. When I built the drum pattern I'll be honest I created the pattern just to make cool house base beat track then my brother told me to move out the way and he had a vision and I let him jump straight too it. We were both stoned which is what brought the feeling So F*&king High.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Well by the end of this year we will release a new EDM Mixtape October, our 3rd Major album release the G.O.J which is short for good old jams July 23. We brought some 90's California flavour to this next set of music. Ranging from chill, trippy, hip-hop, house, deep-house vibes, RnB vibes to we brought in a melting pot of genres into this next major album as we create for all of our music. So check us out today our greatest content will always be when it was first made. Anyways hopefully this answers all of your questions. We are from riverside California born and raised. So we got the stamp of being a Native Californian like seriously a native Californian. In our next albums coming which would be like 2 more after. We basically completed our musical super journey. After 4 and a half years of building this sound, I wanna go 3 more years just to see how much more crazier our sounds are going to get. 2021 gets better. We are going to release a deep-dance genre mood of the African worldbeat collection and the Dr robust show which will have lyrics. 

Hopefully, this answers all of your questions about the music and also go check out the Hungry Dilemma, WardGanda, Latin World Beat Collecion, Drugz bunny what's up doc Elmerfud Edition.