NEW EP ALERT: In Love & WAR Uplifts Us With Track "Stars" Off Of New Album!

In Love & WAR is giving us flowing, angelic and mystical vibes with her musical curations. As the sole member of In Love & WAR, Koi Anunta is pouring her passion and emotion into the music she creates. Producing eclectic sounds, In Love & WAR represents a refreshing, trip-hop style that runs along a contemporary and innocent sound. In Love & WAR has always integrated music into anything she has pursued in life, from her medical work, to any volunteer work she does, In Love & WAR instills a musical note in everything and anything she does. An amicable artist, In Love & WAR accentuates her musical talent in the best ways possible, and we're ever so thankful that she has recently shared her latest album with listeners: "Tessitura". 

"Stars" is the first track off of In Love & WAR's album "Tessitura". In Love & WAR begins her album with an incredibly sinuous and ethereal sound, drawing in any listeners attention immediately. Saying In Love & WAR's sound is tranquil would be an understatement. In Love & WAR creates music that is beyond tranquility, it resonates deep within the hearts of her listeners, and creates intangible ambiance. Her vocal dynamics are stellar, to say the least. Giving us notable vocal elements from artists such as Zee Avi, In Love & WAR embodies a serene environment, especially so in "Stars". Her voice will lure you in, and her overall execution is mesmerizing. Give a listen to "Stars" if you're in the mood for an eclectic, angelic experience! 

Discover "Stars" here, and keep reading our in depth interview with In Love & WAR below!