NEW MUSIC: Country Duo Mary And Brianna Release Brand New EP “Whiskey And Lust”

Mary and Brianna are a twin sister pop/country duo from New York who regularly delight live audiences in both New York and Nashville. Lead vocalist and co-writer Mary is passionate about writing melodies and layering high and low harmonies; she also assists in background vocal arrangements and has a special way of adding perfect nuances that make the songs unique. Brianna is the storyteller and is very passionate about creating honest and relatable lyrics. She’s also the duo’s instrumentalist. In addition to singing, she plays the guitar and piano.

“Whiskey and Lust”, Mary and Brianna’s latest EP, was the first project they undertook after moving to Nashville. Though the duo are from New York, they refer to themselves as “New York Country” as they, and this EP, have been strongly influenced by Nashville’s thriving music culture. Taking the best musical traditions from both New York and Nashville, Mary and Brianna have used current pop elements with traditional country music tropes to create catchy songs with broad appeal. The incredibly talented sisters have an original sound that is true to their pop roots and country influences. 

The beginning of the Ep starts off with the name sake “Whiskey And Lust”. The vocals come in and blow me away! They’re harmonically-rich and mesmerizing as Mary and Brianna weave through a light-hearted love story that will resonate with any listener. The raw and vulnerable new song is an incredible intro and we’re hooked. The ethereal vocals and authentic to the core songwriting has us singing along to every word. Next on the EP is “Clockwork”, this track introduces a bouncing country-pop feel and we just can’t get enough. The groovy tune is sure to get you toe-tapping along with the textured rhythms and catchy melodies. Mary and Brianna keep delivering relatable songs that are undeniably memorable.

“Leave the City” is a more vulnerable track that’s harmony laden and takes the listener on a journey. It gives us a retrospective look at the inner thoughts and feelings of Mary and Brianna. The instrumentals are blended perfectly with the addicting chorus. As the EP transitions into “Shuffle” the dynamic duo delivers an upbeat and danceable pop track. The chemistry between the light-hearted lyricism and finely calibrated vocals is hypnotizing. We can’t help but dance along to this infectious hit. As the EP approaches conclusion, “In the Morning” begins with a melancholic change of pace. It slowly turns into a catchy, melodious tune during the chorus. Mary’s lead vocals are spectacular and authentic to the core. Keeping up the consistent theme of love, wonder and adventure, “In the Morning” is a love anthem that brilliantly wraps up the EP. The sisters project, “Whiskey and Lust” is a refreshingly contemporary flare to the country music industry. They’re high energy aesthetic and positivity flows through the speakers. Mary and Brianna write relateable tracks for all their fans and listeners to enjoy. We love what they bring to the table and can’t wait to see what they deliver next. 

I highly recommend you check out “Whiskey and Lust” here and read more with Mary and Brianna in our interview below.  

Hello Mary and Brianna! How did you get started in music?

We grew up in a family full of musicians, so picking up a mic or instrument was just a matter of time. Our dad plays piano and listening to him growing played a big role in wanting to become musicians. I (Brianna) especially can remember sitting next to him on the piano bench and watching his hand dance along the keys. I was hooked instantly. Mary and I have literally been singing since the crib. When I started learning guitar around the age of 11, we also began to write songs, and that is when we started performing and recording originals.

What inspired you to start recording your songs?

Our family played a major role in encouraging us to further pursue our music (outside the living room). We began to play our songs live at local coffee shops and little venues around our home town. We received great feedback and support and figured it’d be worth a shot to record a release a few! Fast forward 10 years of practice, performing, and recording and here we have “Whiskey and Lust!” We feel this EP has a “new romance” theme with intimate elements that draws in the listener.

If you could pick one major theme for your EP “Whiskey and Lust”, what would it be? What was the writing process like for this project?

“Whiskey and Lust” was a direct result of our move to Nashville. We had visited a bunch of times in high school, and finally decided to make the move in 2017. The talent thriving in Nashville was truly inspiring. We were greatly influenced by the craft of storytelling and attention to detail in every song that comes out of this city. We wanted to create music that reflected that.

We love your vocals! What age did you begin performing in front of others?

We grew up singing for our family and friends! We began performing in venues around town when we were 12. We have played at bars, coffee shops, theaters and even a stadium! We love performing and sharing our originals with an audience.

Tell us more about the meaning of the lyrics in “Shuffle”? What inspired this song?

“Shuffle” is a playful song about a girl who can’t figure out what kind of guy she wants to date. We have both experienced feeling restless or unsure in a relationship. We compared the common indecisiveness most girls experience when dating with picking a song on a playlist. How often do you change a song before it plays through? The first verse describes an edgy guy, with long hair and piercings, symbolizing her punk playlist. We reference song titles such as “All the Small Things” and “Story of a Girl” to represent a pop punk kind of guy. Then fading out of the chorus we say “and the next one goes like this.” The second verse then describes her”next” boy. We reference songs “Cruise,” “Body like a Backroad” and “Stay a Little Longer” to represent the country boy that she is interested in.

Do you have any musical influences? How do you draw from them for inspiration?

We are greatly influenced by Maren Morris, Kelsea Ballerini, and Taylor Swift; women in country/pop who are also able to cross genres. We never liked limiting our music to one genre. Some of the songs on the EP lean pop and others lean towards country.


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