NEW MUSIC: Debut Single “Two Years” From The Stereo-Tips

Meeting in highschool and making music together for over 10 years, Elad Ovadia Eyni and Or Vengle created The Stereo-Tips.  The duo's music is made of catchy leading electric guitar and instrumental elements, but also features unanticipated song developments. The Stereo-Tips developed a unique sound that draws heavily from Britpop, Alternative & Indie Rock. Since relocating to the US, they have focused on writing, composing, and producing in their home studio. The Stereo-Tips concept is based on "Story-Telling", where they present the story of the "Kingdom-Garden". Being the duo's vision over the years, the "Kingdom-Garden" has taken shape and evolved into an inspiring world conveying mystery via musical experience and visual arts. 

Photography by: Tzahi Kerem

The Stereo-Tips debut single “Two Years” has been about four years in the making. The track is laced with storytelling elements that are proof of the time, heart and soul that was put into creating it. With a contemporary alternative rock sound, The Stero-Tips use their 10 years experience and obvious chemistry to weave through expert guitar, catchy riffs and pummeling vocals. The duo showcases their multi skill-set through the layers or instrumentals and finely-tuned vocals through “Two Years”. I’d love to know more about the inspiration behind a song that has been anticipated for this long. Initially written in 2015 as a love song, it has evolved and matured through Elad's personal development over the years. Describing hurting love, lack of trust and "holding on", "Two Years" is the product of a lost love story which enabled massive growth, setting the stage to new beginnings and fresh starts. Overall, we love The Stereo-Tips and their eclectic new sound and addition to alt-rock music scene!

Check out “Two Years” here and keep scrolling for an exclusive interview with The Stereo-Tips.

Artwork by: ExitMothership

Hey Elad and Or! Welcome back! Let’s talk about your debut single “Two Years”. What’s the meaning behind the lyrics?

With every song we write, we tell a story. It can be from personal experience, someone else's, or fictional, but it always has more than meets the eye (well.. ear). This song came to mind four years ago. In the first place, this song was written as a love song, and it has evolved and matured through my (Elad) personal development over the years. On first hearing, you could say it describes hurting love, lack of trust and "holding on".  So yeah... "Two Years" is a product of a lost love story that stages new beginnings and fresh starts. However, from a different perspective, in relation to the "Kingdom-Garden", this song is the first act. It is describing longings between a mother and her child as a duet.

How do your musical influences inspire your sound?

They taught us how to be raw. 

We think it comes from bands like Muse and Oasis (especially in their early years), which didn't try to please anyone with their sound.  

Albums such as "Be Here Now" gave access to a more modern and free guitar sounds. A way to incorporate high-gain guitars with more approachable sounds.

Over the years, we learned so much from other productions. One of the significant ones was "Oracular Spectacular" by MGMT, which inspired the use of synths and some interesting effects use on vocals. 

These kinds of influences helped us to create characters and display them through production with some sorts of effects. 

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

We wish to inspire, motivate, encourage creativity, and to get through to our listeners. Besides that, we hope to arouse curiosity in our listeners with the story of the "Kingdom-Garden and the way we present it (Artworks, Posts, Website, etc...).

Bottom line, have fun! 

How has your sound developed and changed over the many years you’ve been composing together?

It matured. We went from first steps in music and playing in high school bands, to having a home studio and producing by ourselves. To be in control of what we want to sound like, or what sounds good to us.

Do you have any upcoming shows or events you’d like to talk about?

We are going to have our second single in September! -  you heard it here first ;) 

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