New Music Friday: Brazilian-American Artist Teeyago Releases New Song "Safada”

Coming from the state of Maryland is the Brazilian-American artist, Teeyago. Occupying himself with songwriting and producing his whole life, he has recently taken steps to officially release his songs to the world. With all these fresh releases comes his latest single, “Safada”. This song exhibits Teeyago’s ability to write pop. Teeyago incorporates elements of jazz, funk, Brazilian, and EDM into it as well. Each unique element in “Safada” complements the other sounds. This causes the song to shine at different parts; this approach to songwriting is intriguing and successful.

"Safada” begins with an interesting piano chord pattern. This arrangement reminds us of a Brazilian-type ballad. This ballad patterning gives this song a part A and B, which keeps listeners interest longer than by using just one loop. As the drums begin, the song fuses into a beautiful pop-Brazilian track. The bass instrumental does an excellent job of occupying space and keeping movement steady throughout “Safada”. Teeyago chooses to do a compelling vocal chop within the chorus. This technique is reminiscent of EDM music but without all the background lunacy. Again, Teeyago finds another way to tastefully fuse another brand to “Safada”. Usually, mixing a lot of different types of music into one can become cluttered. But in “Safada”, Teeyago expertly fuses four genres into one while keeping a great vibe intact.

Listen to "Safada” here.

Hey Teeyago! Welcome to BuzzMusic, we are very proud to be representing you and your latest track “Safada”You have been creating music for quite some time, but just recently started releasing it.  A lot of artists and producers have trouble finalizing projects because there is always something that can be better in a song.  Is there any difficulty for you to come to peace with the finalization of a song? Or can you release them right away with no problem?