NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: Dario Angelo Drops “MULA” With Wanna Wake

Dario Angelo is a new and exciting rapper and talented artist who grew up in Ireland but at the age of 17 gained a scholarship to a performing arts academy in London. There he studied music, acting and dance but later dropped out to pursue his true passion in music. Dario was a professional dancer for 7 years whilst in London but his main focus has always been music. He began writing and recording and soon started to catch the eyes of producers in the US and Europe. Since then he has been putting in work in the studio with some of the top producers and artists in the game. He is heavily influenced by Kpop culture and EDM and he is exactly what the music world needs right now. Dario Angelo is now working on his debut EP in Los Angeles and is set to make waves in the industry with his latest single “MULA” with the boys of Wanna Wake.

“MULA” is an absolute smash! The explosive intro maintains the same energetic vibe all the way through. Dario Angelo delivers fiery bars and flawless lyricism. The boys of Wanna Wake fuse and EDM and K-Pop sound together seamlessly. Dario Angelo puts his own personal and original flare on a modern sound and the music is well mixed but not over produced. “MULA” features no lulls or pauses. It’s an upbeat and high energy summer track that I’ve been bumping on repeat. Dario makes music that his fans can relate to and that’s what sets him apart in today's music industry. “MULA” is a fire track and will be bumped in clubs in all summer long. “MULA” is a catchy banger that’s on it’s way to the top. If you haven’t heard it already, I highly recommend you check it out and keep up with Dario for his future musical endeavors!

Listen to “MULA” here and read more with Dario Angelo in our interview below.

Hi Dario! How old were you when you released your very first track?

I was 22 when I released my debut single “Booty Call”. It was basically my first music child and it’s what crossed me over from a dancer to a recording artist. I was absolutely terrified but I had good people around me so it definitely lessened the blow.

How does your earlier music compare to your recent release “MULA”?

”Booty Call” was really just me testing the water on what sound I really wanted to do. I’ve always been inspired by Kpop and EDM and knew I needed to incorporate that into my music but finding the right producers was a major key element in bringing my vision to life. The boys of “Wanna Wake” did exactly that and we’ve created one of my favourite tracks. It incorporates all the things I love. Catchy lyrics, build ups that will blow your mind and drops that will get you head banging in no time. I can’t wait for the world to hear it.

Tell us what you want your listeners to take away from “MULA”

I am very big on feeling and how music makes you feel. When I listen to MULA I feel confident, I feel powerful and I feel strong. That’s exactly what I want my listeners to feel when this track plays through their speakers or headphones. I want them to block out the world for 3 minutes and go absolutely fu*king insane.

Do you have diverse influences that add a unique flare to your sound? How so?

Growing up in the 90’s I was heavily inspired by Pop music. Britney, N Sync and Backstreet Boys were legit my life. This is where my love for music and dance started. I literally knew every routine. I watched their videos religiously everyday after school. The music channel was on morning to night in my house and there my eldest brother introduced me to rap. It’s all he ever listened to so in turn, being the youngest, it was all I ever listened to. This is where I believe the Kpop influence in my music comes in as it’s a mix of all 3. Rap, pop and dance.

What inspired you to keep making music everyday?

Honestly, my family and myself. If you don’t inspire yourself how are you going to inspire a generation. Everybody has their own personal struggles, I definitely had my fair share of ups and downs but the only thing that kept me going was my family, myself and music. It was the driving force behind everything I did. I’m a massive visionary. I envision and manifest my dreams everyday and all I want to do is perform, inspire and provide. The ideology that I could help someone the way others have helped me really helps keep the fire inside burning.


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