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New Music Friday: Geri D'Fyniz Releases His New Album "The Black C.O.D.E 2"

Welcome to back to BuzzMusic! Tell us about your background in Chicago, how has this environment impacted your career for the better?

Chicago is one of the premier markets for music consumption. However, it's not known as one of the go to places for independent music artists looking to "GET ON" like New York, Atlanta, or Los Angeles. With this in mind, I was taught to develop a win by all means necessary mindset. Now that the music industry is pretty much powered by streaming and social media influence, I now have more diverse ways to implement the hustle mindset that I learned in Chicago. Being from Chicago taught me how to trust my gut instincts and not fall victim to all of the scams that are prevalent in the music industry. 

Congratulations on your new album "Black C.O.D.E 2"! What does this release represent for you?

"The Black C.O.D.E 2" which stands for The Black Commitment of Daily Empowerment is pretty much a continuation of the first project I dropped last year. I initially came with the idea of shining more awareness on Black issues in music and with part 2, I decided to offer solutions since a lot of people are constantly asking "What happens next" when it comes to Black issues. This project is very special to me. It allowed me to be extremely candid and unapologetic while still delivering music about Black Empowerment.   

"No Time To Wait" has a strong lyrical depth to it! Can you dive into the meaning of the lyrics? 

I really appreciate that feedback. To tell you the truth, one of my favorite things to do is rap over certain tracks that I'm not "supposed" to . This particular beat was marketed as a 'Trap Type Beat", and I wanted to put more of a lyrical spin on it. The lyrics are basically me reflecting on my life over the last 2 years. At that time I was at a crossroads deciding if I wanted to continue making music. I decided to re-brand myself and embark on this journey of creating Black Empowerment music. I want this record to serve as a sense of encouragement for anyone looking to achieve something big. No matter how difficult it may be. 

What has been one of your most memorable or life-changing achievements as an artist so far?

I would have to say last year when I made my first $1,000 dollars off of music. I know that amount may not seem like a lot, but to achieve it independently based off all of the dedication I put in was very special. 

Talk to us about the foundation of D'Fyniz Enterprises. What was the main challenge you faced in creating this and how were you able to overcome this obstacle and build a successful business?

The incorporation of my label was long overdue. Making my business legit forced me to also get more serious about my goals. Now that I track how every dollar is spent, I put much more of a concerted effort behind all of the things I do. I am more particular about who I collaborate with too because everything I do now is a representation of my brand. One obstacle that I definitely have overcome is how I prioritize all of the important tasks I complete. It can be overwhelming when there are deadlines set, but sometimes I just take a step back, breathe, and then handle things like a boss. 

With your new album out now, what's the next move for you?

Next up I want to continue promoting this project with videos and live performances. I also want to collaborate with other dope artists and music producers. I have to keep pumping out Black Empowerment Music. 


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