NEW MUSIC VIDEO: “6th Sense” Showcases Jaimie Steck’s Multi-Skill Set

Jaimie Steck’s newest single “6th Sense” has a brand new music video to match the hard hitting track. Jaimie adds her own personal flare to pop music and gives us a fresh new take on a contemporary sound. Catchy melodies, pummeling bass and brilliant lyrics are featured throughout “6th Sense”. Not only is Jaimie a talented singer with an admirable range, but she’s a talented performer and dancer. She showcases these skills throughout the haunting yet seductive music video. Jaimie effortlessly brings back the showmanship that is pop music. Pulling inspiration from legends like Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and Madonna, Jaimie Steck fuses catchy pop music with unforgettable performances. Jaimie has the admirable skill of making music that her fans can relate, but also can forget the world and escape into singing and dancing along. 

Based in Los Angeles, Jaimie Steck is a seasoned singer/songwriter and performer who aims to let her inner voice speak through her lyrics, and brings power and entertainment through visuals. I highly recommend you check out her newest single “6th Sense” here and the hot new music video below!

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