NEW MUSIC VIDEO ALERT: Troy Castellano Releases Brand New Video For "Quitter"

Troy Castellano is a country/soul artist that prefers to be a category bender. We anticipate for artists like Troy to pop up in the soft country/soul genre, and we know there's the perfect spot for Troy's music. His blend of expressive vocal dynamics, with honest and raw lyricism, will give listeners a full open look at who Troy Castellano is. We don't get to see this a lot with every artist, and we're taking a full moment to appreciate Troy's ability to effortlessly share his story with his listeners, us, and the BuzzMusic community! Musically, Troy Castellano can be known for sharing personal and private experiences with his listeners, allowing for that deep connection. Troy gives listeners a sense of trust and assertiveness throughout his music.

"Quitter" will make you feel uplifted, purely by the vocal execution on Troy's end. He can communicate passion and a raw approach to expressing his emotions to listeners. With an undeniably intriguing tone, Troy Castellano presents himself as honest, amicable, and ultimately vivacious. Besides these aspects, his music expresses a pure version of country/soul music. The music video for "Quitter" perfectly captures an intimate experience with the music of Troy. The use of piano for the underlying melody of the song made for a more softer production. "Quitter" shares a personal experience from Troy's life, and his willingness to open up in such an exposing way to his listeners showcases his inert artistry. We can definitively say we're impressed with the production of "Quitter", and the music video adds that profound experience for listeners to encounter.

Listen to "Quitter" here, check out the music video below, as well as our interview with Troy!

Hi Troy! Welcome to the BuzzMusic platform! Congratulations on both the release of "Quitter" along with its music video! Can you tell our readers how the overall production of the music video went? Looking back, is there anything you wish you could've done differently?