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No Longer Kept "In The Dark," James Worthy Gives Us a Taste of his Imminent Album

James Worthy is an American recording artist, songwriter, record producer, and musician from Queens, New York, the concrete jungle, where dreams tend to come true.

Hip-Hop is the New York birthed culture that was a catalyst for other regions to follow suit as they took note of the pulse and movement in the city. James Worthy is another Phoenix that rose from the environment. As his resume and discography speak volumes towards his versatile approach in production style and artist selection within all genres, the 3X Grammy-nominated musician continues to put a significant amount of work into his craft.

Shining an illuminating spotlight on James Worthy’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Once A Fairytale,’ the brilliant creative keeps suspense fermenting as he has now formally released the first official single to come from the highly anticipated project. "In The Dark,” takes a secretive universe and spins it into the sultry ambiance of James Worthy’s entrancing songwriting techniques.

In the euphonious words performed by the soothing timbres of James Worthy, he opens up to listeners as he encourages them to add a little sizzle in their relationship, as you hear him emotively speaking about fictional and non-fictional displays of making love all while using “In The Dark,” as a metaphor. The tantalizing realm of emotion that grips onto us has our attention flaring at a new peak level of operation. James Worthy’s gentle vocalization remains the utmost permeating as we find ourselves immediately submitting to an atmosphere rich in his tenors.

“In The Dark,” has us swooning over each beautifully scripted word that leaps out of the speakers as our minds radiate vivid thoughts of our own love life. With the seamless fusion of both the vocals and backing instrumentation cascading with one another for a chamber of elusive offerings, we are certain that James Worthy’s imminent album will be one for the books.

We are thrilled to have had a taste of your debut album in the sounds of “In The Dark.” What prompted you to make this the official release from the project?

With the new album, I wanted each song to tell a story in itself. I chose In The Dark, because it's the kickoff of where the story starts, and once you listen to the full album you will see the story unfold. The song basically speaks on spicing up the sexual nature between 2 people instead of the same old things. Working with a substantial amount of heavy hitters in the music industry, such as 6LACK, Truth Hurts, Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston, and Fetty Wap to name a few have you found that the way you write for these artists varies from the process you take into your own songwriting?

Not really, my techniques are always the same, just different artists. I write from life perspectives, and also personal so most of those stories resonate with most people. What can you tell your audience about what’s in store for the ‘Once A Fairytale’ album?

The album is pretty much the most eclectic body of work I've made thus far. Lots of genre-bending, tempos, melodies, and storytelling. I'm super proud of it, and can't wait to share it! You can probably expect it summer of 2021. What message are you hoping to send to your audience through your artistry?

To stay authentic, positive, creative, and confident in your craft no matter what. What's next for you?

A new album, James Worthy Documentary, Collaborations, and more creativity!

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