Nostalgic and Heart Felt, “Time and Again” by Joanna Gabrielle

Thriving and continuously chasing her passion for singing and songwriting, fifteen-year-old Joanna Gabrielle has released her second single, “Time and Again”. Given the opportunity of a lifetime, Gabrielle eagerly began to write and record her own music when approaching on Instagram, by Shannon McArthur (Nashville-based producer, known for producing Dashboard Confessional). 

Joanna has such an angelic and memorable voice we can't get enough of it!

Listening to “Time and Again”, the song reminds us of a young Taylor Swift just with less country and twang! Starting with smooth and classic acoustics and building up to the emotional journey of being involved in a love triangle, Joanna expresses her frustration with love in a gentle and appealing fusion of pop and indie styles while moving the listener. It’s hard to put into words how her words impact me but the best way to describe it is a chest lifting, airy experience, similar to butterflies in my stomach! Joanna makes me remember my first love and past experiences of having a crush that didn’t work out. I think we all wish we “could take back what we gave” when it comes to some relationships. I love the emotion she draws and the sweet subtleties of her voice. “Caus I’m sick of tired falling time and again for the same old stories”, so relatable Joanna!

Listen to "Time and Again" here.