"NUN2SUM," Creates Hard Hitting Ambiance from Artists, GloKenzo and Bougie Papy

Multi-talented Dominican rapper, GloKenzo, also known as Adrian Jesus Peña is steadily making a name for himself, hailing from the state of Florida. His artistic abilities are versatile with his range from being an Emcee, Singer, and Songwriter. He first started rapping at a young age and hasn’t put the pen down since.

Featuring on this track is hard-hitting Dominican Emcee, Raynald Jocburney Morillo Martinez also known as Bougie Papy, who we can hear on this highly anticipated single, “NUN2SUM.”

Originally from Creston and 184, where he first started rapping, he is an American Rapper, Singer & Songwriter. He released his first single titled "Pain" back in 2019, and from there hasn't stopped growing with his new 2020 release "NUN2SUM."

Bougie Papy began collaborating with Flowkyz and GloKenzo on a hit music label, FLOWKYZMUSIC. You can hear Bougie Papy featured on GloKenzo’s long-awaited smash record “NUN2SUM,” which was released during the heat of the summer of 2020. These two up and coming artists have a lot to offer with what they bring to the table. The hustle doesn’t stop for them and they stay proving why they’re on the rise.

“NUN2SUM,” opens with a mellow but up-tempo vibe that puts you into a deeper headspace tapping into the lyricism of both GloKenzo and Bougie Papy. This hit record blends the modern vibes of Hip-hop combining some old school and new age elements to form the unique flavor exhibited. The clear and present vocals from both artists exude powerful confidence that matches the hard-hitting bassline in the instrumentation.

The rhyme schemes on this track dip into a certain charisma that GloKenzo and Bougie Papy stay steady exposing to their fans. The lyrics that stand out the most are, “I came up from nothing,” delivering a deeper meaning and a heartfelt story behind the words scripted. The outro of the track is showcased when the intoxicating beat drops out and you are left in reverberated vocals and forthright facts.

We're looking forward to what is next from both of these artists as they stay working hard with their music label and forthcoming projects.

Listen to 'NUN2SUM" here.

Congratulations on the release of, “NUN2SUM.”  We love the tone that you have set on this record. What is the meaning behind this track that you created? Was there a specific moment or experience that shaped your inspiration for “NUN2SUM?"

There actually was growing up I wasn’t always the flashy kid but I definitely had everything I needed to maintain, since a kid I always wanted more, I always wanted to show people there are more ways out here than just selling drugs or another black man in jail I always wanted to motivate all my comrades to do better I always get comments like “yo he 16 doing all of this “ etc that’s where all the “NUN2SUM” idea comes from. 

Who are your non-musical influences that speak into your art?

My management plays a big part in the art and creating all the imagery around me, we direct all our videos, we brainstorm, plan out the date and from there we work everything out is honestly almost amazing how we do it. Trust me when I say it’s a lot more than just shooting a video.

How would you define your sound to people who haven’t yet heard you? Is this the sound you are staying within future projects?

I don’t wanna call my sound unique but I had a lot of passion for high pitch singing with melodies and rapping as well in high pitch very few artists aren’t as good at doing it and I’m only 16 I got a lot of sounds to explore and a lot of different flows to find out.

This year has been extremely difficult for the music industry. What has been your biggest source of inspiration while creating new music this year?.

One of my biggest music source that I listen to a lot is Meek Mill I could relate to his music and his struggles because I’ve been through a lot of the things he experienced, he had dreams as a kid to become a rapper and a future millionaire time went by his ambition and dedication helped him get to where he’s at right which inspires me and gives me the motivation to keep going and never stop.