Nyjo Makes Waves With Timeless Hit “C.U.M. (Can’t Understand Me)”

Nyjo (pronounced Nyyo) is a singer/songwriter born in Nassau, Bahamas. Greg Brennen, Nyjo’s father and a musician as well, later toured internationally and domestically playing in his godfather’s band. Growing up in West Palm Beach, Florida, a young Nyjo immersed himself in any opportunities that allowed him to sing or perform. He was inspired at a very young age by his father and Godfather. At 17 years old, he remembers the defining moment when he had an epiphany in his musical journey. “I locked myself in my room and I wrote my 1st song in 15 minutes. I was going through the things that most teenage boys with a big heart does. Minutes later I wrote my 2nd song ‘Can’t Understand Me,’ which is actually my new single!”  

“C.U.M.” is authentically unlike anything else around right now. The opening moments hint at this, but the progression of the track complete with its various stages and scenes, propel the whole thing to even greater realms of unpredictability. It’s only really during the latter half that this industrial and spacious beat really takes hold for longer than a few seconds. Elsewhere, the journey is as cinematic and detailed as it is gritty and minimalist, feeling like an experimental work of art as much as a dance-floor smash for the peak of the night. Nyjo is authentically original and a refreshing addition to the music scene. 

Check out “C.U.M. (Can’t Understand Me)” here and read more with Nyjo below! 

Hi Nyjo! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did know that music was something you wanted to pursue?

Thanks for having me! I believe when I noticed it was one of the most rewarding and scariest things I could ever do. I got my start doing a lot of musical theatre as a child. Singing and reciting a lot of lines that wasn't my own. People never know you, but your characters. So I started writing songs at 17 to soundtrack my life. I even stopped keeping a journal since then so all of my emotions could be channeled into my writings. It made me feel vulnerable, confident, broken, sexy but to turn those emotions into my own sounds? Fulfilled.

What inspired the lyrics in your track “C.U.M.”? 

C.U.M (Can't Understand Me) is an extremely intricate song so a lot. First, love inspires all of my writings. It's a rebellious, fuck-off love song at its base. FYI It was the 2nd song I've ever written at age 17. It was such an Age of Exploration, trying to figure yourself out. But plenty of that exploration still bleeds over into your adult life. That's why I chose to record it. Still trying to understand yourself, self-love on yourself late at night and on others. That's why I recorded all the C.U.M sounds differently because honestly, there are so many ways to.

How does your music now, compare to when you first began writing? How have you developed as an artist?

When I started writing songs, I had no idea how old I would be when I finally recorded them. I made a conscious decision to write mature songs that I could sing in adulthood. The comparison is I still use that rule of thumb sometimes now. I have songs about marriage and fatherhood and haven't experienced both yet. I developed as an artist because I know now more than ever my strengths and weaknesses. As Executive Producer, you can have a lot of business going on that can stifle creativity. Since I've written over 300 songs (excluding Christmas songs!). It takes the pressure off writer's blocks and allows me to just focus on recording. I assess my current mood, pool about 40 songs that relate and choose that 1. My current life experiences, which assist in emotional recalls for recordings, helps propel my artistry forward.

What do you want your listeners to take away from your music?

My music is me so essentially I want them to relate and take a piece of me with them during their day. I'm an emerging artist so the 3 songs I have out now is introducing them to me also. 'That Thing Called Love' is about a yearning love jones and falling in love. 'The Concept Of Getting Over You' takes place after. It's about a difficult breakup or loss, trying to cope. And 'C.U.M' is about raising a middle finger to the love you lost, feeling sexy and finding yourself victoriously. It's my mood now and favorite bop. My #HotBoySummer vibe if you will. LOL I want listeners to feel that whatever they are experiencing out of the 3, they aren't alone in their moods. And if it's done correctly hopefully in years to come they'll use their own emotional recall to remember where they were at when they first heard me. I want to soundtrack their lives now.

What’s next for you?

I just filmed my 4th music video that will follow C.U.M sometime in 2020. I'm also an Actor and Film Producer so for scheduling sake, I had to knock it out early. It's apart of what I've been calling my EP songs the 'Lightning In A Bottle' sessions. They remind me of lightning in the sky, none are the same but striking. I've done Pop, Alternative R&B and Pop Rock. The next one was inspired by 1970s Funk and R&B music especially the band Raydio. I'm proud that my songs are so eclectic. But right now, my sole focus is sharing C.U.M with as many listeners as possible. Its hasn't been out for a month yet and its actually starting to move on internet radio. I would love for it to be on stations rotations, pop up in a few film projects/tv spots. I'm open to having remixes with rappers. Can I get Meg, Trina or the City Girls? A man can dream. Also submitting myself to performances now, which is very important for an emerging artist. I want it to be 'The Year Of the C.U.M.' It's time for the world to C.U.M together, literally.


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