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O'Ivy Spins Alternative Rock With Their New Single

Female-fronted pop-rock group O'Ivy just released a new single and it's completely fun, danceable, and gives a nod to a classic songwriting feel of sorts. The track hits straight away and gets you into a groove as guitars grunge on and 70's beach party style organ fills the background. There is something about it that does give the feeling of an actual beach dance party in a film from the early 1970s but it still holds that hard-hitting pop-rock formula without budging. The single is called "Be Alright" and seems to serve as a peek into their upcoming "Bloom" album which we can only hope to hear more of the same from. The song is a straight-up good time and is well worth a listen. If you are big on Spotify, add this one to your playlist. Here is where you can find it.

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