OG The Story Reminds Listeners of Empathy With His Latest EP, 'Evolution By Any Means'

The Irish and Nigerian Rapper and Artist OG The Story offers a sign for the times with his latest in-depth EP, "Evolution By Any Means."

OG The Story mentioned that the EP "Evolution By Any Means" speaks directly to our current times, as the project is infused with themes like heritage, identity, diversity, and self-love. When speaking upon the recent release, OG The Story stated, "This EP is telling the story of my journey to achieve my highest potential while delving into a variety of life experiences with the insights and lessons gained from them."

OG The Story opened his EP "Evolution By Any Means" with the heavily conceptual intro track "Irish Resident." OG The Story mentioned that the song was inspired by an event on International Women's Day 2020, organized by members of the African community in Ireland to address the violence and seclusion within the youth of African descendants.

Continuing with themes of empathy and inclusion for the next track, "New Rules (feat. Slick Bullet)," OG The Story offers the utmost sound and wise messages within the EP's first two pieces.

With songs like "I Swear," "Balance," and "Six Sides (feat. Lolo)," OG The Story goes even deeper and explains the mastering of independence and leading oneself into greatness while forming his own individual perspective on the paradox that is life.

Offering a smooth male Hip-Hop version of Destiny's Child's "Independent Woman" with "Mr. Marvellous," OG The Story ends off his EP with the outro track "Sing For Them (feat. Neisha)," a powerful track that touches on themes of injustice and racism against those of African descent in Ireland.

With seven powerhouse songs on his EP "Evolution By Any Means," OG The Story shines through to remind listeners of needed empathy that the world certainly lacks.

What pushed you to create such a thorough EP surrounding Ireland's racial injustices with 'Evolution By Any Means'?

The project tells the story of my evolution as an individual and my environment plays a significant role in this tale. It was important for me to express what I feel are the most critical elements of individual growth on the project. It turns out that these elements are similar for a lot of other people. The topic of racial misunderstanding is very relevant and I feel intentional individual evolution can help address this challenge.

Was it challenging for you to write about such heavy and evident themes within your EP 'Evolution By Any Means'?

It wasn't challenging to write as I find writing from real situations and emotions quite natural as long as the right music is in place.

Did you have any help from other artists and creators for the making of your EP 'Evolution By Any Means'?

Yup! Slick Bullet who also sound engineered the whole project blessed me with an amazing hook. New Machine from the UK did an incredible job with mastering the beats and the tracks. Neisha took 'Sing for them' to heavenly realms and Lolo put a soulful hook on 'Six Sides' which inspired the title.

If there was one lyrical message that you wanted listeners to take away from your EP 'Evolution By Any Means,' what would it be?

"Stay calm for the highs, stay calm for the lows.. always stay calm no matter how it goes".

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you? Do you have any more releases planned before the end of 2020?

I am looking forward to doing some work focused on just dropping hard-knocking bars and showing off my lyrical capabilities. I will also be doing some afrobeat and bringing in my dialect into the music. I plan to release a video for Balance before the end of 2020.