Olan Adefihan Releases Powerful and Positive Single “Happy DAY”

Olan Adefihan is a seasoned songwriter who is coming through with his latest single titled “Happy DAY”. “Happy DAY” is a positive song that encouraged us to embrace our optimistic nature. “Happy DAY” was a delightful song that lightens up the mood of whatever you may be feeling. While listening to “Happy DAY” you feel uplifted, energized, and refreshed. Despite the negative occurrences that may be happening around us, Olan Adefihan reminds us of the positivity that lies ahead of us. ”Happy Day” was a beautiful song to listen to. The inspiring messages Olan Adefihan sings were not only holy but it was sacredly cherishable.

“Happy DAY” has this magical way of transitioning your mood from negative to positive. We believe Olan Adefihan has generated a song that will be used as a refreshing notifier of how we should live in the moment, embrace life for what it is, and seek the great in everything. Olan Adefihan is more than just an incredible artist. He’s a leader as well! He provides leadership skills from his experience leading worship at his home church. These skillsets shine through his music, guiding us to a different emotional state. Olan Adefihan is a groundbreaking human whose music should be recognized by many.

Listen to “Happy DAY” by Olan Adefihan here.

It's really awesome seeing talented artists such as yourself sharing and spreading love and positivity into the world. What's it like being the host of Worship Cafe Podcast?

One Word, Terrifying!, (Just joking,) It is a real privilege for me to be able to play host, to some of the people who I have looked up to for a long time, and to help to tell their stories to a di