Open up the Clubs and Blast Mercenary Nimble's Latest Hit "Hard to Bass"

You're clear for takeoff as you press play on Mercenary Nimble's latest release "Hard to Bass." Coming to us from Russia, Mercenary Nimble is creating heavy-hitting down beats and cool synths. He draws his inspiration from his friends in the producing industry including Fancy J London, Romsii, DJ Ross tha Boss, and more. His recent release "Hard to Bass" is a cumulation of professional goals Mercenary has fashioned for himself and he is well on his way to realizing many more.  "Hard to Bass" starts with a muffled, echoing voice, as you would hear on a launch pad clearing a rocket for take-off, and take off is exactly what this high octane EDM track does. The soundscape explodes with ticking percussions, and low end booming bass. The bass also acts as a melody bouncing off notes and playfully propelling the song forward. Mercenary builds tension within the track pausing elements of sound throughout the composition highlighting the bouncy bass and ticking percussion on their own. Mercenary spins the elements of sound around the listener as a whirling tornado of sound envelopes you. "Hard to Bass" is destined to be a club hit, we can already see the pounding strobe lights matching "Hard to Bass" electrifying beat. Listen to "Hard to Bass" here

Hello Mercenary Nimble and welcome to BuzzMusic. Your latest release is an explosive, energizing hit. What feeling did you want to create for your listeners on this song? Well, my intention with my track single Hard to Bass was to create a song that is true to the music genre, Russian Hardbass. I wanted the listeners to feel like the song was from a bonafide Russian. You mentioned you have two years' experience within the industry. What made you want to pursue creating EDM as a career? Before I got into the music industry I did not listen to many genres of music, then I somehow stumbled upon some Russian Hardbass. From there I began to experiment to try and recreate what I now loved. Then Fancy J London recommended I submit my music on sites like Spotify and it started from there. What is the music scene like in Russia and how has your music community influenced your craft? The Russian Hardbass scene is definitely dominated by producers like DJ Blyatman or XS Project and many others. I found myself drawn to it, even inspired by many of these talented producers. Their music makes me want to perfect mine so that one day I can be producing alongside them. Where does your inspiration come from when constructing a song?

I am not too sure, generally, when I create a new song I just go for it and build it up as I go. I do not get as inspired by many things, although I can feel motivated at times.

What is in the works for you right now? We can't wait to hear what's next from you Mercenary Nimble!

I want to make some more Russian Hardbass and also work on my Synth music. I feel like I have nailed the feel for my Synth, but I want to improve on my Russian Hardbass till I can get to where I want to be. Till then that is what I will be doing. I would like to thank Buzz Music for this opportunity and this review. It was great working with you all.