"Orange Peel" is Sean Massaro's Recent Alt/Rock Single Release

Sean Massaro is currently based in Los Angeles, CA, and he aims to infuse his music with the qualities of multiple genres. Primarily residing in an Alt/Rock category, Sean Massaro uses upbeat and fun rhythms via guitar, bass, and drums to still provide that rock n' roll atmosphere. Sean Massaro has already collaborated with various artists and played at multiple venues to get his sound out to audiences. He's had the time to cultivate his sound, and now he's confident with the final product! His latest offering, "Orange Peel" introduces eclectic tempos with forceful components.

"Orange Peel" has many features to it that allows it to feel dramatic, which we feel stems mainly from the aggressive presence on drums. The alternative parts of Sean Massaro show within the ranging melody he decides to base his sound around, and this changes multiple times throughout "Orange Peel". You can get a slowed down, calmer tempo with Sean Massaro's sound, or you can get full-blown intensity. The spectrum that Sean Massaro offers within his alt/rock sound makes for a good performance, and we hope that Sean continues creating and amplifying his sound with the knowledge he extracts from every single release.

Discover Sean Massaro's song "Orange Peel" here.

Welcome, Sean Massaro! "Orange Peel" was your most recent single release, and the single saw a confident and fierce vocal performance on your end. How did you feel with your own performance in the song looking back now that it has debuted?

Thank you! I feel really good about the performance. It came with ease and the experience of recording the song was a lot of fun. I always do my best to keep things laid back during the recording process which helps with getting the take I need. All those years of practice really show on the track and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Of course, it's work but it's always exciting to see the track come to life especially the part everyone will sing along to.

As an artist who is quite particular about the beat you integrate within your music, what's your strategy in choosing the right kind of melody for your sound?

Good question. Usually, I'll jam a piece of music and vocalize over it and it will come to me. I try to fit the vibe of the music and do what comes naturally with my voice. Lyrics are also an important part to see whether I want more or less of them. That can help determine the direction of a melody and overall feel of a song. I like to hear when the guitar and vocals compliment each other within different rhythms and note choices. It's all about the flow. I like to have dynamics in my songs as well. The vocals in 'Orange Peel' have moments of when it drives and when it's chill. It's my style. Sometimes it can be difficult but I always end up finding what I want.

What're some prominent messages you always aim to get across to listeners through your music? Would you say that you're the kind of artist to use your music as a platform for political issues, or are you primarily creating fun and enjoyable content, apart from any agenda?

I like to convey the messages of striving for self-improvement, being yourself, and having fun most of all. Most of the things I sing about usually come to that conclusion in the end. I'm always examining the connections we have with one another, the lives we lead as people, and expressing how I feel about someone close to me and the relationships we build. Whether it be about romantic relationships, friendships or society, I always discover who I am throughout the process. I want to be aware of my surroundings but have a good time as well.

Have you ever put thought into collaborating with other artists? Could you see yourself doing a collaboration with an artist residing in a genre that contrasts completely from yours?

Yes, definitely! I love all styles of music, I don't want to limit myself to one thing. I still do collaborate with other artists and musicians. I have a close group of friends who I play live and record my music with. I can definitely see myself collaborating with another artist of a completely different genre. I'm always searching and who knows it might just happen soon enough!

Thank you for talking with us Sean. What can your fans anticipate next from you?

Thank you for featuring my music! The next thing for me will be the release of my debut album this summer. I've been working very hard on it and I can't wait to get it out. And I'll continue to perform, write and record like I've been doing all along. I plan on releasing and creating music for as long as I live and always connecting with people through it all.